Pixel art styled animals 7/10 (Toucan)

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     Hello everyone, today I bring you the drawing number 7 of the series, this time a toucan.


     Toucans are a type of South American bird whose main characteristic is its attractive and colorful beak which is quite large compared to the size of the bird. These birds eat mainly fruits although their diet sometimes also includes some small insects, a curious fact about these birds is that through their beak they can control their body temperature by adjusting the flow of blood to it. Due to the massive deforestation that has taken place during the last decades, the tucan has lost much of its habitat, for this reason they are in danger of extinction. Source


     For the creation of this drawing I used the application Aseprite, within a canvas of 90x90 pixels as in my previous drawings.

I started with a sketch of the whole head and eyes along with the whole body, then I focused on giving shape and detail to the beak and the head, then I corrected the shape of the body, added some shadows and the toucan was done, it was a pretty simple drawing that took me not too much time to finish.



I hope you liked my post, remember that you can support me by upvoting, if you have any suggestions for my next drawings don't hesitate to comment down below!!!


Nice to find another pixel art enthusiast. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! :D

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