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This past Sunday made a week since my younger brother Boo was in the accident, for him to still be conscious alone is truly a miracle in its self. Divine intervention has intervened in my life on many of occasions although this situation has humbled me beyond measure. I Am endlessly grateful for the presence of the Supreme power for allowing breath to flow through Boo's body once more!! God is Love, Life is grand and Faith is the foundation!!

To see pictures of the accident and witness the miracle of upon us look here WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS !!!!!


We are determined to get Boo the best best care there is in his recovery. I humbly ask you for a contribution in helping my brother get back on his feet, no matter the amount ANY/EVERYTHING will aid to his wellbeing! I We would like to give thanks to the hosts of Spotlight on the artist @Onemedia x @D-vine for their efforts in bringing light to our situation and aiding us on the road to recovery!! To each of you who has said a prayer, sent hope or made any type of contribution THANK YOU FOM THE PIT OF MY SOLAR PLEXUS 1000x over and know that your donations will rain back on you a million folds!!!!!

Follow our Journey on Facebook as I am more active in my efforts there.


If you'd like to contribute in some other way please dont hesitate to contact me on Facebook or Discord as Wolfnworbeikood#7177


CASHAPP: $getwellboo

BTC address : 1KpxhtKEwFKEcGWv7ycpgC4yavdFP9V4XF

ETH address : 0x5b6c60F70709c103EA54C59F484AC8B352e7D549

LTC address : LU5F8kbAdNwDqNLnQ4X87xBnX3XqkSWxrg

TRX address : TNqgLbhBP5GEvdJvro99DHJmqrzyMWqnAV

XRP address : rGAqF4pQzo76QYq4MZPsiURRz1mjjULAnB

EOS address : r31fg3wmefz1


MY BROTHER IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


upvote & resteem for sure! I hope your brother will get healty soon. Best wishes and energy from germany! :)

thank you kindly, well appreciated we will get through this for sure. keep us lifted!

Danke Digger!

Prayers for your bro. Wish a speedy and complete recovery for him.

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thank yoou man, keep him lifted up, we will see this through

Wish you Speedy recovery my friend upvoted your post

Heal quickly upvoted and resteemed

I pray for you bro, may God grant you the strength to get back on your feet asap. In Jesus'Name

The Lord has given Boo another chance at life. He healed and made whole in Jesus name, Amen!!!
Remain blessed.

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So be it, it is done!

Thank you, keep us lifted in good spirit!

Jah guidance and protection to your bro and the entire fam ! Stay blessed

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Thank you for the encouragement my guy! its needed now more than ever! Salute!

May Boo get well soon...sending lots of healing energy

You are appreciated! Today he goes to rehab, the road to recovery starts now!!

sending positive vibes and the 6 cents my 100% vote worth, sorry, not much

resteeming for more encouragement, prayers, and thoughts

thinking of your brother <3

I appreciate your efforts, everything helps us at this moment! thank you for taking time out to even comment! much much grace and tremendous LOVE

I hope he recovers very soon and may God continue to protect you.

We are on the road to recovery, today was a tough one but once again we was giving enough grace to have breath! im thankful for you, keep us lifted

much respect homie!! SALUTE!

Kudos for doing this for your brother!

All the best of recovery to him, and much strength wished to you all!

I am my brothers keeper, I'm just so grateful that he's alive! I'm truly witnessing something transcendent ! thank you for the support...Salute

After seeing the photos of the car, it's easy to see why Boo has so much to be grateful for. And your gratitude will be so supportive and encouraging for him ~ Especially in those times when he may need it the most. Sending my wishes for the ALL being healing of both of you. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

I wish him all the necessary strength, of mind and body, to recover. Same for the whole family and friends in their mutual support, bringing him love and energy.

With all my sympathy and respect for the courage of each of you in this hardship.

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