Curie Community Building Support Application (September 7, 2018)

Curie Community Building

Part of Curie's mission is to help grow communities on the Steem Blockchain. Curie takes its position as a community witness seriously and uses a portion of witness rewards to fund community support. Up until now, the process for awarding funding for community support consisted of a Curie Curator nominating a worthy contest or community to receive the support, followed by a vote by the top curators.

Current Contests/Communities Curie Supports

For the past 2 - 4 months we have been supporting the following contests and communities:

  • SteemIt Open Mic (4 months - 100 Steem per)
  • The Curation and Engagement League (4 months - 100 Steem per)
  • Steem Poker League (4 months - 90 SBD per)
  • Art Explosion (4 months - 36 Steem per)
  • The Writer's Block (2 months - 100 Steem per)
  • Comedy Open Mic (2 months - 100 Steem per)
  • Archdruid Gaming (2 months - 70 Steem per)
  • Finish the Story Contest / Bananafish (2 months - 32 Steem per)
  • 24 Hour Short Story Contest (2 months - 36 Steem per)
  • Freewritehouse (2 months - 24 Steem per)
  • Deranged Photography Contest (2 months - 40 Steem per)
  • C-Squared Comments Contest (2 months - 40 Steem per)
  • iTalent Contest (2 months - 70 Steem per)
  • Sankofa Folktale Contest (2 months - 45 Steem per)

New Community Support Application System

Curie will publish a monthly post asking for applications from any Steem communities that would like to apply for our community-building support. This is the first monthly Community Support Application Post. We hope that this will allow for a wider array of communities to be elevated by our efforts while better realizing Curie's operational goals of transparency and zero corruption.

All applications must adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines may be adjusted at any time during the process as we realize ways that they may be streamlined or improved.

  • Your community, contest, or project must have some history already built up. For example, we won't be accepting a contest that you just started this week because you saw this post. Generally, we will look for at least a month or more of proven history.

  • Our support must go towards a specific purpose, such as a contest's prize pool or similar specific items. You must explain exactly how any funding received will be used.

  • Applications will be active for two months. If yours is not chosen in the first month, it may still be selected in month two. You can submit a new application before the two month period if a situation changes enough to warrant a new submission. After two months, you should submit a new application if you still wish to be considered. Please do not abuse the re-submission process within the two-month period. Serial abusers will be disqualified from consideration.

  • Our support will also last for a two-month period. After that time, we will reevaluate each community we are currently supporting - funding may be renewed without requiring a new application. If funding is not renewed, a new application can still be made for funding.

  • The maximum monthly support that can be given to a project is 1,000 Steem. For a project to receive that much, it will need to be spectacular. The more common support amounts will be in the 100 - 200 Steem range.

So how do I apply?

You can submit your application by creating a new post outlining the information listed below. Answer the questions as thoroughly as possible within the post; be creative if you'd like. Please use the tag #curiecommunitybuilding on the post, and tag @randomwanderings within the post.

Application information and posts are due no later than the end of Sunday, September 23rd, 2018. This will give us a week to review applications, ask any questions, and make a decision by the end of the month. Applications received after that date will still be considered, but may not receive support this month.

Application Information:

  1. What is your community / contest and what is its purpose here on Steem?

  2. How much support are you seeking per month for the two-month period?

  3. How will this support be used?

  4. Approximately how many users participate in your community or contest?

  5. How will supporting your community or contest help grow the Steem community?

  6. What is your Discord name and number? (Optional - This may also be sent privately to @randomwanderings#9929 on Discord.)

Final Details

If your application is accepted, you will be notified by @randomwanderings#9929 on Discord. If you would prefer a different type of notification - email or comment on application post - please let him know.

If accepted, you will likely see a wallet transfer from Curie at or before the beginning of the new month.

All accepted applications will also be listed in the October Community Support Application post.

We have a specific budget for our community-building efforts. As such, not all applications may be accepted. If yours is not accepted, you may or may not get a message from us. We may message you with ways to improve your application, and thus your chances of being accepted the next time around. Any application that is not approved this month will be automatically entered into next month's funding application round. Applications stay active for two months.

If you have any questions please direct message @randomwanderings#9929 on Discord.

  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us on Discord:

  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a SteemAuto user, @curie is an available trail to follow.

  • Vote for the @curie witness to support Curie operations (all witness payouts are used to fund Curie operations).

  • If you would like to delegate to Curie you can do so by clicking on the following links:
    50 SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
    Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.


Woot! Great seeing that Bananafish Realms still is kicking strong and still in the eyes of the Curie group.

Thanks for your support @theironfelix. I'll soon submit the application for October and hopefully, with @curie's help, we'll keep running free on the prairies of our creativity for a long time!

I believe the #GooglyPrize would be a perfect candidate here.

A contest that has been using 100% of all funds received to give back to the community... with weekly prizes being awarded for more than a year now... electing passionate and genuine steemians to win prizes for the most expressive #GooglyEyes posts...

Yeah... I think I should send in my application ;)

Rooting for you @googlyeyes
I have so much fun working on my weekly GooglyEyes Stars
Because laughter is the best medicine, I hope you do and get some Curie Love 😊

Application for the #whatisit contest is done :D Thanks for this opportunity.

#21 What is it? PLUS: Curie Community Building Support Application

What a great opportunity you're affording people here! I've seen first hand the affects on Asher's Curation and Engagement League, so I like to offer up a contest that I've been judging (along with others) for 20+ weeks now; it's called @pifc, The Pay it Forward Curation Contest. I'm going to let @thedarkhorse give you the details and submit an application, but I can say that it's a perfect fit for your criteria.

Thank you for the opportunity :) You guys are awesome!

This initiative is epochal and confirms that you represent the brightest side of Steemit! Thank you so much for giving oxygen to our Finish the Fiction Contest, @curie and @randomwanderings. We're just a bunch of passionate minnows that love to focus on quality and your donation made it possible to reward many great fiction writers! Having your endorsement is per se an incredibile satisfaction. P.s.: the Bananafish started today a haiku contest "Mizu no Oto", who aims to promote this form of poetry in its most authentic principles.

'Tis a great day to be a Bananafish family member.
Flyin' by!.gif

Very cool, so excited to see this commujity engagement support. Now to get both @hitmeasap and @shai-hulud onto an application for the @asapers. 😁 More than one cant hurt. My #whatisit contest could always do with a small boost as my one sbi is all I can afford but so many good answers deserve a little more love. Thanks for this opportunity.

Superb news @curie! I'll for sure prepare a presentation with the @travelfeed and @cyclefeed teams.

great! i will do my best for participate and get support for the ark (@elarca) project. ♥ Great work curie team!

I really value the support and dedication that Curie community gives to the Steemit platform.. you all are awesomeness ;9)

Thanks for this great initiative aimed to grow the communities within the steem ecosystem :). We will be honored to participate.

Fantastic! I should say: As expected of Curie! but that would mean taking you guys for granted and that's not the idea. Thanks for the phenomenal support and for being one of the most selfless communities here in Steemit!

Very interesting, thank you

This is great, thank you. Will apply.

Thank you very much for your great work and commitment to the community by helping all who need it!

thanks for the support to art, a breakthrough for steemit

@tygertyger, @vermillionfox, @rensoul17...

And who can forget the wonderful wonderful feeling the @bananafish community gives to all fishes who takes a lil bite from the banana...

Thanks matey 😉

This is a great opportunity for new communities that may just need a little boost. It's amazing what your community does for the smaller fish out there, so thank you so much for giving this chance to those who need it! Keep going strong :)

This post has been resteemed to 7000+ active steem accounts by @kvnq
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Do communities formed in a whatzapp group qualify

Sorry, it has to be something formed and based on the Steem Blockchain to be eligible for Curie support.

By formed, you mean having an account on Steemit right

Curie is here to support the Steem community. Thus to be considered a community, project, or contest must be ON the Blockchain. Perhaps if you provide a link to the community you are talking about I would be able to give you a better answer.

This is a great initiative @curie.
Thank you for widening the scope to support the community.


That is a nice idea and a wonderful help. The #BeerSaturday community runs since more than 65 weeks and love to get some support for the payouts to the contestants.

I will do a post about that as you requested

This is fantastic! Thank you, @curie for your support in making Steemit a platform with high quality contents!

Thanks for the opportunity the Asapers would love to be considered for support.

Asapers Application

Big thanks to the @curie community for supporting the #italent contest 💗