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Some vehicles are kept due to their design, model or worth. These kinds of vehicles are called collectible vehicles and they are greatly valued due to their respective worth.

Collectible cars have been trending even in medieval times and are still a major Boom and choice assets to this digital era. It has become a new and beneficial kind of investment if adopted by the general public. But this adoption of collectible cars as an investment might seem difficult as a result of certain factors, some of which are,


This is a challenge because it is very difficult to come across collectible vehicles, as they are not sold openly, rather, they are sold to individuals of high status in the society.
These issues have made it almost impossible for collectible vehicles to be invested on, thereby taking away the numerous benefits that come with investing in collectible cars.


This is another challenge that has been hindering the utilization of collectible vehicles as a kind of investment. Being rare and of great quality, these collectible cars are very costly and so isn't invested in as a lot of people can not afford it.
Additionally, maintenance and storage of these vehicles require great experience and funds.
for an inexperienced investor, it will be difficult to maintain and without the required storage facilities, they will be running at a great loss and of course, this is not an ideal situation for any investor.

In the quest to create the possibility of enjoying the investment in collectible cars, a team of highly skilled experts have come up with a solution built and designed on the blockchain innovation to offer practical and lasting answers to the challenges that have for long held back the chance of investing in collectible cars as a business. has been developed. This platform, CurioInvest, aims to decentralize investments on collectible cars and offering this opportunity to least of investors irrespective of their resources, location or expertise.



CURIOINVEST is a platform that is designed to help investors invest profitably in collectible vehicles. Being a beneficial investment, CURIOINVEST seeks to ensure that every investor takes part in the benefit thereof.
To buttres how equipped CURIOINVEST is, it has developed a great number of establishments in different countries, all tailored towards ensuring investments in collectible cars is seamless possible, beneficial and highly productive. That's not all, CURIOINVEST has a well-developed system that is built with the specifications of handling the investment in collectible cars.
Additionally, CURIOINVEST is also in partnership with a lot of companies with the needed storage facility for collective vehicles, to ensure that the user's investments are properly maintained.

CURIOINVEST as a system stands the test of time, as it is not a recent system, but has been dealing with collectible vehicles but from a different front [ Mercuria Helvetica AG ], so it knows the ropes when it comes to collectible cars investments.
Furthermore, CURIOINVEST has an experienced team made up of skilled individuals and technical know-how when it comes to managing collectible car investments.
Let's take a quick look at how CurioInvest aims to provide it services towards a fulfilling collectible car investment program.


Once a genuine collectible vehicle has been pinpointed and clarified by the CURIOINVEST platform, the investors are given the chance to invest in the vehicle, thereafter, the fund realized from the investors will then be used to purchase the vehicle.

With the expertise of the CURIOINVEST team and partners, the vehicle will then be maintained in the suitable storage facility and CURIOINVEST distributes it's security tokens to the investors, which will be based on the level of their investment.
Once the market worth of the vehicle increases to the stipulated amount, then the platform sells off the vehicle and distributes the worth realized to the investors following the amount of token in their possession.
With this method, everybody stands to gain from collectible vehicles.

The beauty of CurioInvest is that, all vehicles on the platform are insured and backed by real vehicles with value and this ensures that there is indeed a genuine presence of physical assets attached to these virtual properties.


The CurioInvest CUR Token:

CurioInvest has a utility token CUR, which serves the function of real value backed asset and presents the holders with the chance of sharing in the profits realised by CurioInvest when every purchased vehicle is resold at much better value. Users or investors can obtain the CUR token which will enable them participate in any potential car crowdfunding process by the CurioInvest team. By doing this, such investors have a share attached to their respective investments ensuring that, they will share in future revenues accrued when such a car is finally resold. CUR tokens can be purchased from the platform by Clicking on "invest" from within the dashboards of respective users, completing some documentation and proceeding to pay for the quantity needed using several available payment options.

Also, the CurioInvest team has partnered with Probit, a reputable cryptocurrency exchange to offer its Token for sale in an Intial Exchange Offering exercise divided into phases. The phase was recently concluded and subsequent phases are due to commence later in September.
By offering the tokens for sale to the public, the CurioInvest team intends to encourage public participation in the first and biggest collectible car investment opportunity while also raising needed funds for project development.

Token Specifications

Symbol/Ticker: CUR

Type: Security Token

Blockchain: Ethereum based ERC20

Total Supply: 2,000,000

Book Value: 1 USD

CurioInvest Project Partners


CURIOINVEST is set to deliver a fully functional system to investors. It will open up the collectible vehicles investments to the entire world, thereby giving them a chance at great profits and strengthening the financial and utility relevance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

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