“12” in a world of 10..

in #curiosity4 years ago

Have you ever wondered, why time is always built up on the basis of 12? there are 12 months, 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds... whereas all the rest of physics and our number system is based on 10 (thus decimal)...

Well ok, I understand the 10. When people learned counting and handling quantities they probably used the most obvious tools that came in... handy: their hands. So I bet it all stems from using our ten fingers that led to our decimal system. Cool?

It would have been no problem whatsoever to scale a year to 10 months, with 5 months having 36 days each and 5 with 37 (to have 365 per year).. an hour could have easily been scaled to have 100 minutes, a day could consist of 20 hours with 100 minutes per hour....

So who was the 12-fingered inventor of the other system?? And when did he invent it?

What do you reckon?


:-) nice flo....nice nice nice!!!!

:) so trifft man sich wieder

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