Æthelbald, King of Wessex

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Æthelbald (died 860) was the King of Wessex from 855 to 860. He is the second of the five sons of King Æthelwulf. In 850, Æthelbald's elder brother Æthelstan defeated the Vikings in the first recorded naval battle in British history, but no records have been made since, and he probably died in the early 850s. The following year, Thelwulf and Æthelbald defeated the Vikings again at the Battle of Aclea. In 855, Thelwulf made a pilgrimage to Rome and appointed Welsex as the Kingthelbald King. The second son Thelwulf became the Kent King. ), was conquered by Syssex thirty years ago.

Romethelwulf spent a few months with Frank King Charles the Bald on the way back from Rome, and his 12-year-old daughter Judith is married. When he returned to England in 856, Æthelbald refused to give up the crown. Most historians believe that Setbold is still the king of Wessex, while Setbold gave up Kent to his father, but some believe that Wessex itself is divided, and Setbold is divided. De ruled the West, while his father ruled the East, while Setterborough retained Kent. When Æthelwulf died in 858, Æthelbald continued to serve (or became) King of Wessex, and his brother restored (or inherited) the Kent throne.

ÆThlbald married stepmother Judith. Asser, the biographer of his youngest brother Alfred the Great, condemned the alliance for “violating God’s prohibition and Christian dignity, as well as the practices of all pagans”, The marriage does not seem to be condemned. then. Æthelbald and Æthelberht seem to get along well: when Æthelbald died in 860, Æthelberht became the king of Wessex and Kent, and they never split.