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Whenever one thinks about precious assets, gold has always stood tall among most precious metals. For many years, gold has always being an enticing asset for investors and consumers alike; for investors — it serve as a means to their investment and also serve as a store of wealth, for consumers, however, it acts one of the finest materials for making luxury items — from cars to wristwatches, jewelry, and other assets. For all intends and purposes, these have served to further increase the demand for the precious metal.

Gold for the past years has proved itself as a trusted investment asset. Over the past decades, it has appreciated in value by over 97% making it one of the most treasured items for luxury goods collectors.


Notwithstanding the many benefits that comes with gold, there are still some disadvantages associated with this precious metal.

When it comes to Storage: Gold is physical; hence, it is difficult to store safe and one needs a good and secured place to store.

When it comes to making transactions with gold, it is also inconvenient when you bring your gold out of storage each time you want to buy or sell gold. Again not every store is 100% honest with you since they are selfish with profit.

Handling gold comes with huge security concerns: High storage of gold can be dangerous for most people to handle.



Gold has some issues just like its storage problem. Should one invest into Gold you have to store your Gold elsewhere, where it is protected and safe.
Another issue is that one can not travel with large quantity of gold as luggage.

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are some possibilities to invest in Gold and these include the following:

Some financial certificates reflect the gold price, but are not deposited with physical gold. Should the issuer of the investment becomes insolvent, the investor is at the greatest risk of losses including total loss.

Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) are bonds that secure the value of a certain amount of gold and also include a right to the physical delivery of that gold. There is also a risk of the issuer going bankrupt, because investors may also have to enforce their claims in court.

Investing in the shares of gold mines are also considered a form of investment in gold. However, not only the gold price is crucial for the price development, but also other factors like the entrepreneurial skills of the respective operator and the general development of the stock markets.


Digital Gold

For the purpose of credibility, Digital Gold ( has came up with its Gold-token. Each Gold token is guaranteed by 1 ounze of 1 Gramm Gold — 99,99% Gold.
Each GOLD token is also 100% backed by physical gold, that is kept in a secure vault.
The official website allows GOLD token holders the rare opportunity to exchange an unlimited amount of GOLD instantly and at any time on their website this implies GOLD token can be sold at any time of the day.


There is no need to worry about where to store gold if one has larger amounts of gold ounzes. The storage fees and service charges, compared to the cost of storing gold at a bank, are comparatively lower.

Again, it solves the problem of travelling with gold — Simply, have your private key with you.
The GOLD-Token is an ERC20 token which is based on the ethereum blockchain. Hence you only need the private key for your eth wallet to to access your GOLD tokens.

Last but not the least, in case you need your Gold in physical form or other digital currencies such as bitcoin, you can trade your tokens with ease.


At the moment, Digital Gold tokens has been listed on the following exchanges; BitForex, Livecoin, Cryptex exchange.

Gold token provides asset safety as it is backed by real gold and has the potentials of bringing more investors into the gold market, since security concerns are no longer a challenge. A huge number of people who invest in gold do not prefer to store it in their homes since it is very risky.
Digital gold platform has a provision where stored gold can securely be kept in a vault and tokens is given to investors. The digital gold is so secured in a way that it can not be harmed or hacked since it is built with blockchain technology. These are some of the great prospects that comes with the Digital Gold platform.


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