Checked Police, Eka Deli will give Back the Gift Car Fortuner of MeMiles

in #currenteventslast year


Singer Eka Deli Mardiyana finally out of the investigation room at around 20.00 Pm after being questioned for 11 hours. He admitted, dicecar about 59 question items by the investigator.

Wearing a white shirt with subordinate brown, Eka met the reporters after undergoing examination. In this opportunity, Eka explained that his involvement in MeMiles at first is she was invited as a singer in a professional manner. However, as time goes by he then asked for help to be an intermediary figure of the artist in the event MeMiles.

"I came here as a witness, as proof I was responsible citizens. I've explained se the detail of that involvement, I was invited as a singer in a professional manner then in ask you please be the intermediary to search for the artist in the event MeMiles," he said


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