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RE: Hello and Goodbye <3

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I never know what to say to goodbye messages: of course I want you to stay (!), but I also see that this place is 'relative' and nothing beats real life and mental health. But at the same time if I just would say 'have a good life' it would not acknowledge how much I appreciate the fact that all these words and stories and even little interactions on Steem we share matter, at least to me (and I know many others).

Well, so there I am :-) I do hope you make your life what you want it to be and hold dear memories on your Steem experiences, even though some of the more recent memories aren't your favourites. Maybe at some point you'll make a return, because of Communities, or some cool dApp that you start using and you suddenly discover it has a Steem log-in ;-)))

Thanks for all the cookies and chocolate on Discord, we weren't always meeting in the same places because we live in very different time zones, but I remember the taste of all the sweet things we shared :-)

Hugs and good luck on all your other adventures - wherever they may be.