Railbikes - Taking Bicycles on the Train Tracks

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Wow - living in Thailand this leaves me breathless and anxious - train timetables are a mere suggestion, rail collisions are common here and I can't imagine being able to get off the tracks fast enough! I'm guessing this could be fun though, in a country where train arrivals are more predictable. People are ingenious, no? Nice post. :)

Thanks for the comment, but my point is exactly that: don't try to ride or non-abandoned tracks! Even on the abandoned ones there may be some maintenance traffic. However, checking in with the people in charge of the tracks can give you all the info where you won't encounter ANY rail vehicles.
Of course, there's no comparison with Asia. North America, including Mexico, is known for its wasted infrastructure, with a whole network of rails without a single train, ever, any more.

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I think the best option would be one that you can fold up pretty easily, made from light weight aluminum. That way you could just unfold it, go on your way, then fold it back up after a few miles. If made appropriately, you could probably fold it up in a few seconds, enough to get off the tracks at least, if there was an oncoming train. While the car like dual recumbent is probably nice for a quiet bike ride, I definitely wouldn't wanna ride that on active tracks, because you might not get it off the tracks in time.

For certain, easy-on easy-off is the best way to go. Still, I would never take a bike on active tracks, no matter how fast I could unmount it. Trains are just way faster, a collision is most likely fatal (for me), but if my bike causes a derailment of a passenger car or some toxic spill... I don't think I could even die with myself! But why would I, if there are so many inactive tracks around.