Cycling to Thracian cult complex - Heroon

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For a year I've been trying to go to the Thracian cult complex - Heroon, located 4 km away from the town of Pomorie, but for some reason I can't.


This sunday the weather was great, so me and several friends while cycling from Burgas to Pomorie - desided to went directly to the Thracian Tomb.

But before that:

We stopped near Burgas Luga to photograph our bikes on the beach.


While cycling through the fields between Sarafovo and Pomorie we stopped shooting the beautiful views.


We stopped near the rocks at the beginning of Pomorie.


We did not miss shooting the umbrellas standing alone on the beach Evrous,


and the interesting decorating Buna.


We left the hotel section and crossed the main road.

Then we entered the path of among well-groomed vineyards and orchard gardens and after 250m., we came to the Thracian cult complex.





The complex is unique for the Balkan Peninsula.

Build during the roman period based on its construction techniques and materials it has been dated in the 2nd -4 th century AD and is also the largest Thracian tomb in Bulgaria.

The Pomorie Tomb is best known for its mixed Thracian and Roman architecture and construction techniques.

The long corridor leads to mushroom-shaped chamber.


The corridor and the chamber are covered in bricks.



The central column in the middle is hollow, and it is believed to have been used as an exit with a staircase.


Archaeologists believe that the facility was not only a tomb but also a sanctuary - heroon.


After our walk in the history of the impressive Thracian cult complex we returned and stopped for a relaxation at Sarafovo. We went through the hotels and headed down to the beach.



We enjoyed the warm sunshine and the calm sea before we head back to Burgas.


This day we are cycling 30 km.

Activity from Strava:


Thank you for your time to read this!


Бях забравил за тази гробница.Мерси,че ми припомни за нея

Радвам се че припомних за нея @burgasbulgaria :-)

Very cool, @vesytz.

Exploring ruins is one of my favorite things to do, and I would love to see the Thracian Tomb one of these days. It's amazing that they actually allow you to still go inside the structure. So much can be closed off to visitors for one reason or another, structural integrity and human erosion among them.

I take it there must be some kind of lights in those alcoves (I'd call them windows, but they seem to be sealed) to get that glow off the walls and the columns. Really gives that whole inside a warm feel to it.

It's really hard to tell dimensions of inside that column, but the circumference looks awfully tight for a stairwell. I've seen something similar at Chichen Itza in Mexico, though, so I know it's possible.

I hope you get to see more ruins around there, and I'm glad you finally just went here. Very interesting, and the view was great along the way, too. I don't know much about that part of the world, but the sea is beautiful.

Congratulations, too, on the curie. I enjoyed learning about this.

Thank you so much for your comment @glenalbrethsen !

For the hollow column - it has a diameter of 3.30 m. It extends upward and merges with the outer wall, reminiscent of a giant sponge.

I wish you one day to visit Bulgaria and see the Thracian Tomb :-)

Браво супер снимки!!!

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Благодаря @georgipraskov :-)

This looks to me like a page from a diary - short description and great photos. It's an enjoyable reading, I must say.

The tomb looks like a fortress that we have in Schaffhausen. Or at least the second and the third photo do :)

It looks like it was a hot day. Wasn't it too hot for biking? What am I saying.. we went to Mallorca in August and it was 37 degrees and we saw all those 'die hard' bikers climbing up very steep roads so I guess that temperature doesn't matter for you :)

Did you go for a swim as well?

Thank you for sharing! :)

Glad you like my post @delishtreats !
This day the temperature was 20-22 degrees - good for the cycling, and as you suppose, I've been cycling at much higher temperatures :-). This day we missed swimming in the sea :-)
Thank you for the comment!

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Thank you very much @cyclefeed !

Hi vesytz,

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Thank you very much @curie !

These look amazing. The tree behind the arch is my favourite, it looks cute. The colour of the water and sky though, such a deep blue.

Btw, that's a lot of cycling ;) I can barely do 1 km lol

Thank you for your comment @binkyprod :-) Glad you like it!

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Браво, много хубави снимки!

Много благодаря @luw :-) !

Seems like a good day for a bike ride. And what a cool spot to visit. Is it pretty much open to anyone who wants to walk in? I love exploring places like that, especially with my camera.

I love your picture of the ship anchor and the ship's wheel. And there's just old stone tablets lying around? How cool is that?

Thanks for sharing! It looks like quite a beautiful part of the world to visit.

Thank you for your comment @jocqua ! The Thracian Tomb is open for visitiors. Bulgaria is a place worth visiting :-)

That's awesome. I hope to visit one day and add it to my list of visited countries. I would love to explore both the tomb and Bulgaria. Cheers!

Bulgarians are successors of the Thracians. There are more than 60,000 Thracian mounds on the territory of Bulgaria, of which only about 1000 were surveyed. I wish you one day to visit Bulgaria @jocqua! Cheers :-)

Wow, for real? That is unbelievable. Are you pretty much free to explore or is any of it blocked from the public? I don't even have to see the image and I can picture your photograph of that stone tablet. It's so fascinating to me. I had no idea this existed in Bulgaria.

I'm not a huge cyclist or anything but I've done my fair share of long bike rides. It sounds like Bulgaria would be a great way to explore in this way.

That sounds like an very interesting bike ride. Thank you for sharing your great photos.

The complex does not look like a tomb area but a preserved park. Inside the tomb looks amusing. Would you know how high is the hollow column? Is there any organization maintaining the area?

Thank you for your comment @macoolette! Glad you like photos of my bike ride!
The tomb height is 5.50 meters - the tomb consists of a 22 meters long corridor and a round chamber with diameter of 11.60 meters.
Pomorie Municipality has the ownership of the tomb. The tomb lands are owned by the Agricultural Academy. Nearby is the Southern Cultures Institute.

Wow, the column is wide. I don't see staircase. I wonder if anyone attempted to climb it?

There was a staircase in the past. The Pomorie Tomb was partly restored in 1957-58.

Hi @vesytz, Greetings brothers, that excellent view of the coast in Bulgaria I am very pleased to be able to appreciate part of that culture that has undoubtedly brought so much to humanity.

I'm not one to ride a bicycle, but I'm sure that adrenaline and being able to see such natural and archeological sights is priceless.

I love the fisheye they used to make the graphics. it was made with a gopro? or similar? very comfortable in any case to ride pedaling and not have to worry about a larger camera.

thank you for sharing the publication. let's keep pedaling.

Thank you so much for your comment @arrozymangophoto !
Yes. I really use for my photos GoPro - very compact and comfortable for my cycling trips :-)

I knew it, great good choice. nothing always to your orders. greetings from Venezuela. to pedal has been said

That tomb really looks well preserved. I'm curious about the security in the area, does it have some security guards patrolling in case of vandalism? Would hate to see that piece of art get trashed. That's like a treasure in your area.

Is it cool inside the place or is the temperature just the same on the outside?

In 1958 and 1959 the tomb was restored. The dromos was restored, the breakthrough of the ring vault was closed. The central hollow column is fortified, parts of the niches are restored, and all the treasures in the tomb have been restored.

It is assumed that at the time the walls were painted,
but today visitors can see only traces of green plaster. The hall, dromos and flanking rooms were plastered with "hot mortar".

Of course, the area is guarded and visitors must entered with a escort :-)

Are there any more ancient ruins near that area? Might be another future post for you to cover :D
I didn't see any guards on the pictures so I just thought it was an open area. Do a lot of tourists visit there often? Thanks for the facts!

Yes, there are ancient ruins, not exactly in this area, but around. I hope to write about them in some other post :-)

The tomb is visited more during the summer season.From October to May the Thracian tomb works only upon a preliminary request.

Howdy from Texas vesytz! This is such a fine post. It looks like you picked the perfect weather to take that bike trip. The views are amazing, the education about the tomb is interesting and it's a very enjoyable post.

You guys must be in good shape to do that biking, was the distance 4KM?

Thank you @janton!
Glad you like my post!
4 km is the distance from Tomb to the town of Pomorie. With my friends we was cycling from Burgas to Pomorie and back - It is 30 km.

wow you guys must be in great condition! well it makes for a very good post.