Down this Rabbit Hole - Willy G

in #cypher2 years ago

This is a story about a night me and a friend were walking home from a trip to a nearby town, and we stopped for a break in this eerie lake. I had meditated at this lake for months nearly every night as it wasnt far from my home Id walk over and sit and meditate there.

Well the night we stopped there, we saw this weird orb thing appear out of thin air! It was freaky, the lake has strange druid standing stone and all there so maybe it was druid magic or something, who knows!!

The weird thing is that it was made of the colours of the 3 chakras I had been meditating on for those past months! Almost as if it had been observing me in the darkness all that time, spooky or what!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is insane!!! (in the best way!!!)


Waaaaaahhh!!! Big UP & much respect man!! <3