'Vibrational Flow' Termite Cypher Jam!! Round 67

in #cypher2 years ago

Who knows where the Jam will go? Whaleshares? Reddit? Discord? Wherever it goes, we will keep on jammin!!

I went for some double , maybe triple time flows in this one. I mightve been a bit too ambitious, because I thought it was the shit when I wrote it, and when I recorded it, and shooting the video, but now Im starting to pick it apart and find flaws in it lol . Its a bit sloppy flowwise but theres some gem lines in there so Ill let youz see what you think yourselves.



OH MY WORD!!!!!!! This is some pure power!!!
Flows within flows within flows!!!
leaves me dazed man!!! How the hell do you do this!!!???

logo TERMITE.png

haha nice one man!! I dunno I just fucked around with the fast flows and mustve went into beast mode just lol

This is pure madness. LOve it. Keep killing it Will.

Cheers Vachemorte man!! Will do , glad you love it man!

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Your voice became the beat:) Impressive! There's room for improvement with the enunciation, but you've already improved on that from the previous double time flows I heard from you. Dope!

thanks Zeal man! Id say if I practiced and learned it off the enunciation would improve but its not bad for a days work I think, had to record it and do a vid because there was no hope of pullin it off live lol

No shame in that, even Kool G Rap has admitted to punching in a shit ton or doing shit ton takes and he just says some songs will never get performed lol. Yeah I feel ya, more time would fix this.

Ive started punching in every 4 bars on anything I record audio to now. unless its a live one take vid cuz you can put more emphasis on words and deliver a better flow without worrying about doing the whole verse and worryin incase u fuck it up while u rap.

2 weeks for this round now I think i will make a cool video for it , already got a rough song for it done

Wow, that's how Dre recorded The Chronic 2001 I believe. (Btw I just recently discovered that album was released in 1999 lol, not 2001. ) I haven't really done it to that extent, I have however rapped only half way through a verse, or broke it down a bit too. What I do is comping and full takes usually. I take like 5-10 takes and choose the best parts. It can sometimes be a pain in the ass if I have many good takes lol. In some instances it really makes the song better, other times it probably improves the song slightly. After that I will make sure I rap on beat perfectly and adjust the vox if necessary.

I enjoy recording and writing, choosing the bext vox is sometimes not so fun lol

Thats really interesting man, but what is a vox?
I used to record whole takes but I got fed up with it lol your technique sounds dope tho I might adopt it some time maybe for my album so theres no noticable punch ins cuz i dont like that

Vocals, yeah man try it.

theres sometimes where its not humanly possible to rap it and you gotta punch it in tho lol like on my new song im workin on i go doubletime for like 6 bars without a breath , gotta persist till i develop the skill ones like eminem has where its imperceptible where they punched in!!

Oh shit!!! i gotta step up my game!! i bow to your superior cadences!!!!!

haha thanks themillionthings! I like your stuff too very cool

Hey scrib post your lyrics if you're into it. i'd like to catch 'em all... Also it's on like donkey kong cause you schooled me some flow!

haha glad of that man but theres so much lyrics Im just not arsed writing them all out it would take forever lol

This shit is fire

Thanks Proprlee I appreciate it