"Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ROUND 8 !!!!!!!! The Worldwide Cypher Jam !!!!!!!!

in #cypher4 years ago

Sup!!! This week, we got a little ditty using the break from Lou Donaldson - 'Ode To Billie Joe'.
... You might recognise the sample. It is used on '3 Lil' Putos' (Cypress Hill) by DJ Muggs, but I cant help messing with these drums, so I made this for you to jam with here!!!!

  • Hit up the beat above and record yourself doing your 'rap/freestyles/bars/singing/astro-funk/scratching/venom spit/yodeling/whatever you got' over it!

  • Use phones/laptops/cameras/magnetic strips/tape/geiger counters/whatever you want to record it!
    ... This is Lo-fi, quickfire music!!


  • There are NO rules!!!!!
  • Post your entries below, or comment with a link to your entry post.
  • Upvote an entry! (not your own!!) and upvote this post to get the winner some SBD!!
  • I will give the SBD from this post to the best entry (chosen by an outsider!!)

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace and Respect.
TERMITE. @termitemusic


  • Check the latest episode of ILL MOOT here
  • Conclusion for round 7 coming shortly!!

My man!!!! Headfirst into the jam!!! Big ups for this man!!!!
"Digi digi all up in it flippin scrypts n spittin pimpin. Dippin and slippin into a fingertippy kitten" RRRAAAAHHHH!!!

Ha ha! Was a real good mix man, so many ways to approach it.

You kill it man! Wish you best of luck!

You completely nailed it 😉 Awsome boss 👌

Thanks Captain, got something coming for you soon 😋

Comback time for Tulip. Loved this beat so had to do something. Feels good to rejoin the cypher! Cheers Termite for the beat once again!

Yes mate!!! slick with it!!! I read @redsfallin s comment as I was listening, and I was waiting for it!!! Then at the end .... BANG!! shit son!!! haha!!

Wow! Yo you went hard, and is there rap beef already on Steemit!! This is going to get interesting.

Cheers man! Im trying to get the beef started haha. Hopefully oit will be fully grown soon!

Yeah boi. This is dope bro.

Thankyou bruvva!!!!

This is my favourite beat you've ever put on the jam! One love Termite!!!

Yes KEN!!! On point with this!!! I see ya propa boppin to this too!!!

Like i said this beat is my favourite beat so far my dude! Keep making beats and i'll keep knockin em down brother!!!


i'm missing this week... going on a journey tommorow... don't know when i'll be back on steemit... but i'll definately be back.. keep on Rockin bruv!

safe journey bro!!!! The jam will miss ya and salutes you!!!! ... see you when you get back man!!!! Props!!

Thanks!!! Are you gonna add some vocals!!????

YES!! I'm not gonna miss this bro!!!

YES KEN!!! good to hav ya back man!!!!

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i just sent yall 0.75 SBD for a resteem and i don't see it bro

nvm i see it! Thanks bro, One love!

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I can hear MF DOOM on this. So sick.

... how do we get Doom on steemit????!!! maybe we should ask @doom

@doom hasn't posted anything for 2 years lol RIP

When are your submissions usually due? Friday?

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