Worldwide Cypher Jam Round 32 from Vandal's Brain

in #cypher3 years ago

Outta My Brain

I'm riding high on this astral plane / I'm outta my head I shadow my brain
Visiting plains with a saddle and reigns / this is something that I cannot explain
Call Plato I'm outta my cave / I'm coming back life like I'm outta my grave
Smile with a simile ride to infinity vibrant abilities shattering chains
I'm a block head Don’t try to mettle / bringing it to life now they call me jepeto
I wont settle I'm the nomadic / took a mission to mars now I hip hop planets
Spike told me she's gotta have it / I fly so much now she calls me an addict
Don’t panic just remain calm / but I hit the cypher jam and drop that bomb

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Nice rhymes in that beat.

Thanks man! Glad you liked it :)

You slayin this man!!!!!! Yeah dig this alot!!!!!!

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