Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 68 ] "Calling All MCs/Singers of Earth!!" 白蚁.

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Round 68 and we shaking it up a bit!!!!!!!!

Download link:
Choon link:

  • Play the beat I have made for you above and record your bars/freestyle/rap/lyrics/singing/scratching/epic guitar solo/whatever you got, over it!!!
  • Use phones/laptops/cameras/home studio or whatever you want to record it!!!



  • There are NO rules!!!
  • Post your entries below, or comment with a link to your entry post.
  • 'Best' entry to the cypher gets the SBD or STEEM from this post, WHICHEVER IS HIGHER!!!
  • You can enter this comp on other sites and use your creation on other contests and any other reward schemes, its all good!!!! (Worldwide Cypher Jam NOW ALSO ON WHALESHARES!!! )

THIS IS THE RAW S** T!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For the love of jamming!
... This round we are running longer, you have 2 weeks until I switch the beat up, Sunday (3rd feb)!!!

Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!

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When it boils down to it we all have 2 voices in our head, good and bad.
Here I depict how the bad voice can make you feel about yourself.
We can always get back on track by listening to the better voice.
Not that I do it all the time myself, I have given in to the shadow side many times.

Man!!!!! RRRAAAHHH!!!! next level stuff right here man!!!!!!
haha!! that ending too!!

Thx man:) Btw there's a comment on my last entry about someone who wants you to make a beat with a pipe organ. Thought you might be interested

Wow, that's totally epic!!! -- I hit rewind myself on this one!

I love when you rap like this, and the visual....can't wait for your tape bro!

Thanks sir, you like em dark raps? Glad that I'm building some anticipation with my tape.

No prob, you didn't know that i'm your biggest fan?

Thx Stan:) Appreciate it a lot


Appreciate it:)

YES WILLY!!!!!! This some flows of fire and ice!!!
I needed this!! haha!!
.... "its amazing!" hAHA

thanks Termite lad! I think you inspired me to quit , I was planning on it but I put it off and off until I said fuck it Im just goin for it!!
I did feel like father jack for a bit too haha

Well done Will's to both rap and quitting. I smoked for about 28 years then i started vaping and after 2years that tapered down on it's own to 0 as well . Ecigs really help :)

Nice one Tyger! Im glad to hear you got off them after so long, the only trouble Im having is when I drink I ended up smoking like 5 the last night , not good!! But Im back on the ECig again now.
Its a tremendous sense of freedom being able to even switch to the ecig at all so Im happy :)

try a e-hookah the mist is thicker than an ecig and more satisfying :)might even hold up to the drunk test ;) and I am really happy that you are doing it too because nicotine itself is not what kills you (in small doses ) it's the other chemicals in the paper and tobacco. And truth me without the ecig i never would have stopped i tried a million times before that ...

fresheire was telling me to try one like he has too its a big massive brick of a one lol I might try something like that or an ehookah either for now but the main idea is to get off the ecig too , having a we drink here now so time will tell if i smoke today or not lol

..having some big fun in the freestyle last mile! :-D

Always, freestyling is like therapy for me!

freestlye dopeness!!!
haha last line!!!!!

I'm the freestyle king on this cipher bruv

Lmao bro when you rapped about eels and volts and shit I lost it.

LOL, this is true!


lyrix :

Dream, dream become one with the stream
let your universe uncurl from it’s shell into the magical

Dream, dream become one with the stream
we are children of lightning born kings and queens

for the only limitations that we really have are the boxes that society has laid out and planned
but we will find the way back home just let your mind roam
just let your mind roam

Dream, dream become one with the stream

out into the magical where everything is possible

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