Recovery of D-Tube Videos

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Recovery of D-Tube Videos

D-Tube has shutdown!

Apparently, D Tube has shutdown. One user from Facebook expressed his or her discontent with the situation:
They felt that D-Tube would be up forever. Well, the posts for D-Tube are still on the blockchain. The videos themselves though are too big to store on the blockchain and instead they go to IPFS.

I have just got myself another VPS, but it is part of my service agreement not to run an IPFS node on this VPS. So, I wouldn't try to run my own node, but I can use an external node if there is one publically available.

Your Videos Lost

You value your videos but not enough to keep them on a harddrive? No multiple backups? They were or are stored on IPFS. I could retrieve whats left of them but I have too many good things to work for free but I am desperate enough to work for cheap... For now.

I myself uploaded to watchmybit and could not find the video on my hard drives. It was a composite video made from others and I didn't value it as I should have at the time.

Back up your photos and your own movies or any works you think have worth to the communities you are part of especially those you upload.

For those who wish to recover what's stuck on IPFS and could be removed from there at anytime... I have a proposal for you.


This is the scheme I propose:

  • A D-Tube clone that will allow you to download the surviving D-Tube videos that are on IPFS.
  • The site will be up for a period of six months : from the time of getting it up after the first sale, to six months after that.
  • The first customer that gets the ball rolling will receive 10mBTC for each subsequent sale.
  • You must pay a fee in order to use the site to download
  • Everyone gets the following after paying the fee:


You will get a D-Tube clone like interface that will allow you to download all of your files. You will (probably) not be able watch but just download. You can download all of your videos. Login will be restricted to the user who buys the service. The download

Monetary Rewards

  • 1st Sale:
    You'll also get 20mBTC or 120 SBD for each user that signs up after you.

  • 2nd and 3rd sale:
    You'll also get 10mBTC or 60 SBD for each user that signs up after you.

  • 4th, 5th, 6th... 10th
    Will recieve 2mBTC or 12 SBD for each subsequent sale

  • 11th and after that
    no cash rewards


I am pricing this at 80mBTC or 500 SBD, that is to say 0.08 BTC. For my costs there are marketing costs, that I may pay you if you sign up early, and development and hosting. I have found other ways to make money online, so don't bother me with trying to lower that price. I don't know whether I will get one customer or 100 so I am hedging my bets. If there is one customer, I'll get 80 mBTC and that customer will get his or her videos back. If there are 10 customers the first customer will get paid very handomely with 200mBTC which is a 120mBTC profit and that customer will recover his videos. Not only that but the 2nd and 3rd user will actually make a profit as well. Reply to this and I'll leave a BTC address for funding so I know who pays.

If a sale comes in the form of SBD, I'll credit it to the first ten in SBD. If it comes in the form of BTC, I'll credit it to the first ten in BTC.

My Qualifications

I am an Web-App developer for Steem. I used to run Steem files, which was a site for people paying for downloading files made by others. I decided to leave the site down, while I do more profitable things with my time. This could be it.

Final Words

I don't know whether this service will take off or if it might be just one customer. Please decide based on whether you want your videos recovered and you haven't backed up. I would hate to see someone get in for profit but if you decide to use this service, please spread this post far and wide and you will be compensated so long as you are among the first ten customers...

Dash XjzjT4mr4f7T3E8G9jQQzozTgA2J1ehMkV
BitcoinCash 1KVqnW7wZwn2cWbrXmSxsrzqYVC5Wj836u
Bitcoin 1Q1WX5gVPKxJKoQXF6pNNZmstWLR87ityw (too expensive to use for tips)

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Hello, @leprechaun Since yesterday I´ve tried to upload a video in dtube...I cant...and the message "unknown error" always is boring

It seems I was misinformed. D-tube is up or perhaps it is up again and the Facebook user saw d tube was temporarily unusable after the initial hard fork rollout and thought it was a permanent situation.

If you're interested in me setting up a d-tube clone, here is an address for you and this activity. I can also look at debugging the uploads.


I will pay you. What do you need. Pm me now . I have money now. It cant be too much all my dtube videos gone. I had so many. Look my account. Where did they go. You find them I pay you.

Steemit doesn't support PMs but I can send you 0.01 SBD and encrypt the memo. Take a look at your wallet. A penny for your thoughts.