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Dabbing is one of the most prevalent methods of inhaling cannabis. The dab rig — a water pipe utilized for vaporizing cannabis concentrates — is an essential part of the modern smoking device setup. A dab rig works like a bong, separating concentrate vapor through the water at its base. Dab rigs are regularly littler than bongs, giving less drag, so the vapor goes to the lungs more rapidly and holds power.

A dab rig is like a bong because it filters concentrate vapor through the water at the base, then the neck of the rig and through the mouthpiece. In the spot of a conventional bowl for smoking dry buds, the dab rig is linked with a dab nail or banger, where a dab of concentrate is put to inhale the output. When it's maintained regularly, dab rig cleaning can be simpler than bongs due to the lack of combustion in dabbing, which makes less resin development. However, dab rigs develop reclaim, which can clog

your rig and obstruct the flavor of each dab. They can likewise be hard to clean when they have complex filtration properties. Constant utilization of a nail can cause carbon and reclaim development, mainly if the nail isn't cleaned routinely.


In this article, we will provide a thorough, detailed guide on the best way to clean and maintain a dab rig for ideal performance and clean vapor.

Before you start cleaning your bong, you'll have to assemble the tools including a Candle warmer.

If you don't prefer torching your nail, then remove the nail. In case you're utilizing a sealable pack, try including salt and shaking the sack appropriately.
  • After 1-2 hours Reclaim will be hot and in liquid form


Before you start cleaning your rig, empty the Hot liquid Reclaim into an empty glass container. Note: If you utilize your rig regularly, change the water out every day. This process will help stop reclaim development and safeguard the flavor and neatness of the vapor.

  • Repeat this prosses until the Rigs is clean to your satisfactory
  • Let Rig Cool for 30-45Mins Before Refilling with water (Very important to avoid Your Rig from Cracking)
  • Place Glass container with Reclaim on the Still hot candle warmer for 1-3 Hours this will evaporate any residual water that was mixed into the reclaim.
  • After Your Rig & Reclaim Has Cooled off Refill Your Rig with Water
  • Enjoy Some Clean Reclaim ready to Dab, Use for Cooking, Or whatever

Gathering Reclaim

Just like resin, reclaim can be gathered and reused to make edibles, tinctures, capsules and dabbing.

Some dab rigs are made with "drop-down" attachments, which can catch reclaim and make it simpler to dispose of. If your dab rig lacks a drop-down connection and you are compelled to removing it utilizing alcohol, reusing the reclaim isn't necessary.

Keep in mind that a dab rig needs constant cleaning. Change your rig's water out frequently, and gently clean your nail with a cotton swab after each dab.