Tue Feb 25 Journal Entry #2 -- Unexpected hold ups

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Hello Steemit!
This is only my second journal entry for 2020 and already I can start to feel it make a difference in my everyday routine. Now instead of easily getting distracted, the reminder of this daily entry helps to keep my focus on the tasks that matter.


After a bit of brainstorming & googling around, I managed to kill a few nasty bugs in my sneaky-ninja script that has been evading me for the last few days now. I also cleaned up a lot of repetitive code & moved the clutter code to separate containing files & folders


I did not get any time to study today. There were quite a few unforeseen tasks that had me busy for the most part. I'm hoping to get some extra hours logged tomorrow.

Something Else:

It felt like I was made out of coffee today... lol I drank a lot of cups to keep me awake! I'm thinking about getting a sleep schedule up so I won't be so sleepy during the day, even some form of a healthy energy supplement to drink in the mornings would be good.

Daily Tasks Progress:

I definitely didn't get as many tasks done like yesterday, but at least I'm on track and getting the majority done.

Daily Study Hours Progress:

0, none, nothing... Yeah, another day of no study! :( But I did make it up in project time, however. There were a few new tricks that I read up on while killing those bugs, so definitely not a big loss ^^

Daily Project Hours Progress:

The sneaky-ninja script has grabbed a lot of my attention this last bit, and I've really been enjoying the goofy ideas I've implemented in it, but from next week I won't have as much time to mess around when I start the React course.

Overview for the day:

18 Tasks Completed!
0 Hours : 0 Mins Study Time
2Hours : 22Mins Working on Projects

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