If you want, you can easily cultivate mint leaves in a tub on the roof of the house.

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Mint can be grown in almost all types of soil. When cultivating mint leaves in tubs, they should be used in a clay tub or bathtub at least 10 to 12 inches in size. When the soil is slightly dry in the sun, apply mint leaves to each other at a certain distance. When collecting cuttings, care should be taken if it is best to cut old logs with roots. If you want to grow roots in the cut, you can use the root hormone. How to plant mint in a bathtub is much easier when you use dehydration hormones. You can use root hormone or cinnamon powder or honey as a root hormone after the market. If you use it, the quake will grow very quickly with a mint leaf cut cut. You can grow mint in shady areas or indoors and in tubs if you want. Mint plants do not need much light.