Day 4 - And all that I know

in #daily2 years ago

Woke up nice and early, I'm getting good at this..

For the first 30 minutes I kind of wandered around the apartment, wondering and procrastinating, eating breakfast. Till finally I got out a small notepad and made some concrete plans. I found that worked to get me started.

I fired up sigma and started creating, my plan was to make a mock website and then try and convert it to a real one using html/css. After a while of making a beautiful mock site. I would say 2-3 hours worth of time on it. I opened a new sublime file and started coding. I wanted the site to be responsive so I was thinking about grid. I then realised I don't really know grid all that well. I spent the rest of the day playing flexbox froggy and the one with the carrots for grid.

Then I found some online books about responsive design and began following that tutorial. This has taken up a lot of my time and I found myself falling down various rabbit holes. In fact I'm in one now once I finish this piece.

Gotta get back to it!