Day 5 - The dawning of my discipline

in #daily2 years ago

If only discipline was easy we would all be good at good things.

Today I had a mock HR interview with a careers coach, followed by a review on all things job hunting related.
If anyone does have word of a junior developer position please let me know, I am looking in the New York area.

Anyway, I recently came across a really great tutorial on Udemy, 'Adobe Illustrator - Advanced Vector Artwork'.
I've been following it all weekend and I can honestly say my skill level has gone up by 100%

As well as Adobe lessons I've also been applying here and there for jobs, cold calling as usual. I must say I don't have much faith in the internet as a job resource. I think the only way I'm going to get employment is through networking. I gotta get myself out there I guess.

Next on my agenda then is to find out the location of this old networking thing. Anyone have any idea?

When I find one I'll be sure to attend.

So this week I will be mostly eating chocolate and finding my way to a networking event!

Oh the perils of being a job hunter.

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