Day 6 - Like a fish in a pond

in #daily2 years ago

I'm swimming around my little bowl, trying to find a way into the big river. That would be me getting a job!

Today I started off trying to do some animations. I create a fish in Illustrator and then wanted to make it animate across the screen, real simple but also good practise. I wrote a blog about it and I'm now writing a blog about writing a blog about it.. I wrote that one on medium because I like to keep my technical professional stuff on there. (For my career coach)

I'm now planning on getting out of the apartment and leaving for the park. I am tired of looking at the screen, I want my skills to be polished and job ready but I think sometimes it's good to just walk away..

Another thing I have been working on today is my elevator pitch, this is not fun. It's also really easy but really cheesy. I made a close up video that I will edit in Premiere but I'm not sure about it. I'm just not that way inclined.

Anyway, enjoy your week, stay positive!

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