You are taking away all my sleeping hours! LoL.
You always say you are going to sleep!!
So I have to stay up!!

I might have to try to take and post these photos a bit earlier.

We were notified by Leo's school that they'd be partially closing the school, and the upper classes would study from home for now. I contacted Miro's teacher and told her I'd keep Miro home for now, to see how the flu situation develops. We are voluntarily isolating ourselves from social life for now.

I am doing this because I am somewhat asthmatic, so it would likely be risky for me to contract the disease.

I hope I am good enough teacher to provide Miro with the education he needs while he is at home.

This is quite scary! Covid19 spreads around the world very fast!! Incredible!

It’s good to stay away from lots of people! We have no way of knowing who’s already infected.

From my research, VitaminC with D should be taken daily to boost the antibody!
Chaga tea is supposed to be very good for preventing the infection!

I am taking VitaminC and the well known local Thai herb!

Good luck and take care.

Turns out high sensitivity Dual-ISO (400+800) is not too practical when used in low light, especially with an older lens that basically should provide a wide aperture, but in practice doesn't provide that much light, at all.

Aperture science. :D
If you would have played Portal or Portal 2 on the photo above, the post would be funnier. :)


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This is good quality photography even in low light, leo is a good gamer in ps4!

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But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

Question from the Bible, Why are some children born with disabilities?

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