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RE: A Dash of Sult N Papper 03/20/20 > IMPORTANT NOTICE: Clarification on Social Distancing Regulations

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So. I use Linux and while not immune to normal virus I'm at least able to delude myself into thinking I'm safe.

Hasn't stopped me from sterilizing everything. I can unplug my my keyboard and stuff, but have you ever tried to sterilize a dog? Talk about uncooperative. He just doesn't seem to be at all willing to take one for the team...

Daily dose seems to have a new meaning today but I'd be a volunteer to take my daily dose of salt AND pepper like a man.

In all seriousness you know I haven't had a drink in darn near 30 years and I'm going to buy a half gallon of Everclear today. Because everybody has bought all the damn isopropyl alcohol to use for sanitation. I had about a quart for use in my apocalypse stove but... I have hydrogen peroxide because it's the best thing I know for softening bug guts on a motorcycle windshield and chlorine bleach because even a bachelor needs some bleach. To clean the coffee pot if nothing else.

So. I may even publish a post today to celebrate Hive. Don't hold your breath but it's in the plan.


Please see my reply on HIVE , Thanks.

Nice seeing you @bigtom13! Hope to bump into you in the Hive!