DailyFoodPhotography: Chaya's AgedashiTofu

in #dailyfoodphotography • 4 years ago

Hey there steemians! 😁 How was your weekend? 😊 I was in Baguio last week and I get to experience dinning in one of Baguio's best Japanese Contemporary Cuisine retaurant-CHAYA. 😍 Kick off your Japanese dinning experience with Chaya's best Agedashi Tofu appetizer! CYMERA_20180305_094155.jpg
This is my 1st entry to the daily food photography hosted by @howtostartablog.😊 Photo captured on Oppo F1s plus enhanced by Cymera photo editor. Have a ma-CHAYA (masaya/jolly) working week ahead!!😉😊


That looks delicious 😋. Is it good as it looks?

Yes it is! Yum!😁😍 a balance explosion of sweet dashi broth perfectly blends with the deep fried tofu that melts in the mouth!😍

You paint quite a picture, sounds delicious 😋, reading this made me hungry 😅

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