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3/9/18: A massive lawsuit was filed recently against G00Gle, FB, Tw_tter and YouT_be on December 21, 2017, the same day that Trump signed the executive order to seize assets of those guilty os trafficking and massive corruption. Today we here from the citizen hero who is making it rain on behalf of many defendants who have been censored on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and Google's algorithm.

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To follow up on Judicial Watch's report on the DOJ's intention to release the Fast and Furious docs held over by Eric Holder which could lead to top level indictments:


And this little tidbit about Loretta Lynch using an alias to skirt the law under Obama:


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This InfoWars video shows one teacher from Harlem, NY, explaining that she is being forced, with a fire-drill exercise, to exit her elementary school with her students and participate in the "March For Our Lives" media stunt. I have received emails from many people saying they are also being told they will be exiting the school for the 17-minute protest and that it is required as a "vigil" for the Parkland shooting victims:

I urge parents to keep their children home from school on March 14, primarily for their safety, as this forced event has FF planning written all over it. However, it is equally important to do it out of protest against the deep state psychological indoctrination tactics being employed against America's children and the forced participation of both students and teachers in this Hollywood generated and financed event.

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