Dance week 194 || "My Tiktok Dance"

in #dance7 months ago

Hello fellow steemians especially here in Dance and Music Community. Hope you have a great weekend.

I am @freshbeauty and it's my first time here. I am going to share with you my tiktok video.

Tiktok has been trending world wide and I encourage myself to do it. I've been practicing dance for quiet some time. I danced in front of the mirror almost everyday until I reached the point where even if I was walking I would suddenly dance or whatever I did I would suddenly dance. Just like a crazy. hehe.
I always watched tiktok dance challenge, I memorize every steps. When I am not contented nor enough for me I will repeat it, from the top. I will keep on trying until I got it right. I never surrender. So now, I'm qiuet good at dancing.

This one is one of my compilation of my tiktok videos that I posted in my youtube chanel. Hope you like it.


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