Dance, Office Zombies, Dance!

in #dance4 years ago

When the Boss says to dance

You dance!

Anyone remember back to 2014 when the whole world was dancing to Pharell’s 'Happy'?


The people planning the annual company meeting decided to make a big dance compilation of the employees dancing in their offices:

You might say "But I work from home!"

You might say “I don’t dance”

You might say "I don't have a real office".

You might want deniability.

Suck it up!"

Put on a disguise, use the ‘office’ you have, and dance!

Read on at:

That pretty much matched my sentiments at the time!

That poor keyboard! Computer carnage!

You really went for veracity in the second photo, leaving the chain on the saw and everything! Tell me it wasn't running...

The saw wasn't running but my nephew was there that day and was 'helping'...

You know how these things suddenly get out of hand!

It may be that my husband had gone thru a couple keyboards in a very short time then and that may be his version of getting even.

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