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Some men may make more than women but many men have been on streets, prisons, poor, in wars, in more dangerous jobs, end up committing suicide, end up poor, end up in bad situations, etc.

Murdering Billions

Ending fossil fuels would murder billions of people as they would be losing their power. Biden is for ending fossil fuels and he said it many times on video. Barry Goldwater. Deer. I voted for Trump today. Spent all day working on that.

Who did you vote for in the 2020 U.S. General Elections?


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2020-10-23 - Friday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-23 - Friday
Published in October of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-10-23 21:34:22.png
Women dance behind Trump

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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What will happen on election night 2020?

11:06 AM - Twitter

Trump will win, a big 2020 landslide, but fake news have already wrote articles saying they will label that real victory as a Red Mirage on election night, Tuesday, the 3rd of November of 2020, that is one of their plans. Social media plans on stopping people from sharing.

Joshua Freed

12:19 PM - Twitter

Vote Joshua Freed for WA Lt. Governor if you're living in Washington State, USA.

Readers, please encourage Culp to go on Alex Jones because many of the Infowars listeners are WA voters who will vote for Culp.

Kim Wyman | @KimWyman12 on Twitter

Vote Kim Wyman for WA Secretary of State

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Molyneux Resurrected

12:56 AM - How to Succeed | Stefan Molyneux from Freedomain

College may not be for everyone, but then again it depends, but more importantly, vocational training should be emphasized.

British GQ

02:13 AM - Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work" | British GQ

Some men may make more than women but many men have been on streets, prisons, poor, in wars, in more dangerous jobs, end up committing suicide, end up poor, end up in bad situations, etc.

The 100

2020-10-23 - Friday - 03:15 AM - 04:00 AM - The 100 713

The Shepherd is like Trump. The other guy is like Biden or something of contrast. You have guys in a power plant or reactor. The Shepherd goes to get the thing to find his daughter. The crazy stuff comes to make people crazy. The one lady escapes. But that is ok.

Picking sides, for all mankind, the last war, vague generalities.

Lionel Nation

11:28 AM - LiveStream: The Final Debate Postmortem

General Shepherd

11:57 AM - ALEX JONES (1st HOUR) Friday 10/23/20

Ending fossil fuels would murder billions of people as they would be losing their power. Biden is for ending fossil fuels and he said it many times on video.

Alex Jones announced the 2020 Trump election landslide victory and I've made the same announcement the past few days in October of 2020 and also in October of 2016 if not earlier than that as well. I've gone on record saying Trump would win in 2016 and 2020. But of course, they're trying to block the Trump victory and they're working on a number of things and I've said that back in 2016 as well. I started endorsing Trump as early as April of 2016 if not earlier than that as well but especially in April 2016.

General Shepherd

01:09 PM - ALEX JONES (2nd HOUR) Friday 10/23/20

It wouldn't surprise me to heart that Hollywood has been losing money for decades, statistically, too many films, shows, movies, commercials, etc, end up losing money to an extent and it is a question of to what extent and how many films. We can focus too much on the movies that profit. Some movies made money over the years. However, we do not focus too much on the videos which end up making in the box office, in the theaters, less money than it cost to make and sell. Similar to the Steven Crowder analogy which I mentioned yesterday regarding 3 cartel gas stations lowering and then raising gas prices to bankrupt the 4th independent gas station, likewise, Hollywood and others put independent filmmakers out of business as well for example, long story short, it is worse than we know, a cartel, a monopoly, for too many decades globally, since like the 1900's, the past century and progressively worse and worse each decade it seems in regards to the film industry and in other industries as well.

Globalists may murder Joe Biden to turn Biden into a martyr.

Globalists will try to say Russia stole the 2020 election for Trump like they did or actually did NOT do in 2016 for Trump as well. Actually, Trump won the popular vote in 2016 and in 2020 but the voter fraud was so big in 2016.

Banks told Alex Jones they don't even want his children's money because they don't want to be associated with Alex Jones.

Fox News

02:02 PM - Live: Trump delivers remarks at 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in Florida

During a Florida Trump Rally today, Trump showed a video showing Bernie Sanders confronting Joe Biden earlier in 2020 meshed with what Biden said in the 1990's regarding trying to get of social security, etc.

"The next morning, I felt like Superman." Trump


07:18 PM - Why The Illuminati Created Communism, Infowars 2016

6,000 technocrats running the global empire in the 2010's, that is at the very top, that is a number according to them, they've admit to it.

Barry Morris Goldwater exposed globalism, the plans of Rothschild, Rockefeller, in the U.S. Senate as an Arizona Senator.

Barry was probably the beginning of the first wave of the awakening against global tyranny, Ron Paul and others were part of the second, Matt Drudge was around the end of the second wave. Alex Jones came around the third wave. Trump is probably part of the 4th wave.

Germany must have lost like 25 million people by 1945, just during the second world war it seems and Hitler may have been responsible for the death of some of them.

Many Russians were killed by communists.

The Left has been the most murderous killing organization since the French Revolution in the 1700's. George Washington wrote against the left.

Jesuits created the Illuminati

General Shepherd

09:08 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Friday - 10/23/20

Women are jumping up and down behind Trump during the first rally today in Florida. Thanks to the 2020 global lockdown, the energy found at sporting events and concerts can now be found at Trump rallies, thanks globalists.

Sports is a coop in tricking people into caring so much about basketball, football, soccer, baseball, wrestling, the Olympics, etc, as opposed to politics.

What really matters in life is politics.

Yeah, some people can say, "You so weird, you always talk about politics."

You can reply, "No, you weird for painting your face your favorite sport team."

Project Veritas James Michael Jackson Thriller


Truth Seeker 1776

09:02 PM - War Room 10/22/20


10:53 AM - I look out the window in my room on a second floor house, like my house in the dream, of the den, and saw birds migrating, several groups, not so high, some either almost ran into the windows of the house or did. Watched it and then was trying to get my phone out and was trying to get my phone to record but couldn't. I was trying and like pressing buttons and was not able to. After that, I noticed some of the flocks of birds were actually fish flapping their fins in the air. Well, I did watch a YouTube video the other day regarding what if fish and other ocean life could fly and float. Well, after seeing the fish, and some probably did hit the window like they did in the video, I then saw sea creatures flying and migrating. The birds, fish, etc, were flying from the bay and towards and over the house flying west towards the Pacific Ocean.


11:29 AM - Orange. Coffee. Vitamins as usual. I don't always talk about the vitamins but they are essential. Smashed 2 boxes and put them in the recycling bin outside. Frosty morning. Loud noises Tuesday at LMS as the cement was being mixed. But an hour later than a departure. Yesterday, as I said, I was picking tomatoes. I picked too many but the idea was that the tomatoes and the plants were dying from the frost, the cold weather. It was freezing. It has been freezing. Some of the tomatoes were rotting. I was also prunning off dead leaves and branches off the tomatoes plants. I filled up a giant yellow plastic bowl with red, orange, and mostly light green or rotten tomatoes. I picked too many but I was thinking it was the right thing to do but I should have started with just the red and orange ones. After that, possibly the yellow tomatoes as opposed to light green.


12:00 PM - Tomato, beans, vegi soup on a potato.


12:00 PM - I'm voting for Trump, Culp, for tax cuts, etc. I'm filling it out right now for 2020 U.S. General Elections.


06:30 PM - They came home with a deer. Not off the cliff or the big red dog. I helped moved the picnic table over a foot towards the truck and pulled out the hose for them. They caught like 3 or so birds or grout or whatever as well and then they were cutting it up tonight through to like 11 PM or maybe longer, not sure. I spent the day voting. I'm writing an article which I am publishing tomorrow all about who I am voting for and everything.


No deer yet but I had a few things. I forget now what I ate, long day I guess.

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