Sidewalk Observation: Stand back! Pt.1

in #danger3 years ago


Standing on the foot path on a major busy road waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn green.

It was only me in the beginning and then people started to join in the wait to cross the road, I was standing a few steps back from the main road as I know how dangerous it could be.

Imagine if anyone fell onto the road or some something gets caught by one of the speeding cars, and just as I was thinking about the dangers of standing too close to the road, a middle ages lady came up and stood right on the edge of the footpath.

I looked at her and thought, "Oh Wow, she really really wants to go first when the light changes". It was a cold and windy day and she has her big coat on, her coat had this cloth belt which was blowing around in the wind…

You could probably guess what happened next right?

To Be continued…



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