Sidewalk Observation: Stand back! Pt.2

in #danger3 years ago


A trick came by and her coat got caught, it yanked her to the left, luckily her belt broke so she didn’t get dragged onto the road, she instead fall onto the footpath which was also very lucky.

Everyone rushed to her ad to checking if she was ok, surprisingly there was no harm done to her person, just her coat. It happened so quickly that we didn’t think the bus driver would have even felt anything as he was driving by.

I couldn’t imaging what would have happened if her belt didn’t break and she got dragged down the road, or instead of falling onto the footpath she fell onto the road.

I think everyone saw what happened that day learned a valuable lesson, which is to give more room between the road and yourself.

How much more gain will you have by standing so close to the road, not only is it dangerous for yourself, the drivers would have to be extra careful when driving past you as well.

If you have missed Part One, you can find it here:
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