Reach The Ease of Using Social Media with Share2steem

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The convenience aspect is the most important value on a #dapp. #Share2steem offers convenience to reach two platforms at once, save time, & most importantly produce #Steem. Tag your friends who should know about Share2steem

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Want to delegate ?

Delegators get up to 25% APR !

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP5000 SP

Want to delegate more (or less) ? Just copy and paste the link below, taking care to change the amout of SP you want to delegate at the end of the URL :

If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to encourage us, feel free to come to Discord !

Let's go !


Super content de participer a cela. Mais parfois les vidéo envoyé a partir de notre compte you tube n'apparaissent pas dans share2steem (et donc aussi sur steemit). Que peux ton faire ?

I am a user of share2steem tru my twitter account.

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Great! Thank you so much!

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I delegated 191 steem power today. Should I make it an even 200 through market delegations?

Yes, it is easy to share something on Steemit that you share on other platforms. And @share2steem makes it happen. Thank you for your innovative idea to use Steem blockchain.

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