DASH: This Way or That Way....Same Destination

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Excitement is in the air! Can you sense it? Take a look at the below chart...what is more likely? A price collapse or reversal rally? DASH is showing that the ABC waves could be complete and if anything, at the bear minimum, a sizable breakout can be expected! Here is that now very common, across the Altcoin Cryptosphere, the MACD is showing coiled and ready to spring.

Whether the price goes as shown in the above chart or the below which calls for one more incremental lower low that'll bring it closer to the apex...the destination is expected to be the same. This too also points to the mid/later April for some serious action potential.

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Agree, price is sitting in weekly demand. If the buyers step in, 1st target is $400 where there are sell orders sitting.

For once DASH gives us something to celebrate whole heartily, with no caveats, no if's.

i dont think coin like dash monero have future as they are privacy coin and many exchanges may delist them soon as i heard

The only excitement I get is seeing your post get $0.00 payouts!!!

Haejin must feel really powerful when he flags me to remove my $3.00 weekly pending payouts. I must be really on his mind a lot for him to worry about flagging a person with $3.00 worth of post each week. That's sad bro. You make THOUSANDS HERE DAILY!!! And yet worry about flagging people who make less than $3.00 a week.


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