TL, DR... True Freedom

in #data4 years ago

Some people and or corporations choose to believe that by virtue of the families they were born into and or simply by the size of their financial holdings, that they are entitled to the fruits of our labor and the wealth of our planet. This is not news to most. And let me just qualify that I am not a communist or socialist.

The evidence of this is there and has been made glaringly obvious by semi-recent revelations by Wikileaks, Snowden, and to a smaller extent all the whistleblowers that came before but were unfortunate enough to be prosecuted into obscurity. 

The picture these revelations have painted is truly galling. Essentially this amounts to worldwide surveillance of everything from every photo we take to every word we speak and every financial transaction we make. Let me preface this by saying I am not a luddite and that these new methodologies and concepts can be of great and life-changing service to our daily existence. 

There is a constant push to put more internet connected microphones and cameras into our homes, cars, and lives. This is not exclusively but is definitely a means to track more and more of the data our daily activities create. This would not be alarming at all if weren't ALL being privately stored, capitalized upon, and taken at our expense, whilst being legally enable by consent forms that most never read or understand.

The ability to record and store on secret databases all of our data is a hallmark of the Centralized Network Paradigm. Let's call it the CNP.

The CNP will hopefully soon be obsolete. Now that the market cap of decentralized ledger network technology has reached over 50 Billion dollars, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it wont be long before the centralized control of our data will be not only be completely unpopular, but also completely unprofitable. 

Governments and Corporations who choose to make and keep everything from our medical data to our voting systems in hackable honeypots of centralized databases will be replaced with secure decentralized systems which will empower anyone to control and share their own data exactly, and only as they see fit. 

In what will likely be the greatest challenge of our generation and those that follow, we will have to innovate and fight to wrest free the Golden Chalice of Monetary Creation from the centralized and corrupt systems imposed on our world for over a century.  As a cryptocurrency enthusiast I can relate Bitcoin as a public phenomenon to the quote from the great non-violence advocate Mahatma Ghandi.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Whether or not we have won and or are winning is debatable. At a $50+ billion marketcap I believe we a are well on our way. No longer is the death of Bitcoin being paraded in front of the public in efforts to quash it's legitimacy. Nor is the effort to tie it to illicit activities as prevalent. Perhaps it is simply being ignored in an effort to get blockchain tech coopted first. we shall see...