DataFund Review: Securing and Exchanging Personal Data through Blockchain App

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Has your data ever been compromised or used without your consent to benefit those you entrust with it? Well, son your woes will come to an end and DataFund ushers in a new era of data decentralization through their groundbreaking app. Your personal data is a very precious asset that you need to safeguard and DataFund is ready to show you how.

With DataFund, you are assured that your data is highly secured and you are in control of the amount of data that you share. The system stores all your data making it easy to share when need arises. Think of a storage that stores critical patient data that deserves all the confidentiality; not everyone in the system has the access to share your data without your permission. 

Data exchange plays vital role in many industries and need to be immutable such that it cannot be manipulated or edited in order to retain the intended privacy. You only exchange the data in a transparent manner and in a way that it helps other ecosystem participants.

How Does the DataFund Ecosystem Function?

Personal data storage and usage has been misused and giant data handler confidence has been ebbing away and an alternative safe haven has been overdue.  To ensure that personal data is kept confidential, DataFund data management tools are robust and state of the art and focus on and protects the data owner.

Traditional data transfer systems have failed the user big time and the data has ended up in the wrong hands and this comes back to haunt the data provider. The DataFund system is fool proof and there are no weak points for data leaks or hacker entry. When data is kept private and confidential, it adds value to the owner and the end user.

In a nutshell, the system with shift data ownership from the monopoly of a few providers and give the owner full control of storage and dissemination as per the need at hand. The network will bring back honesty and ethical handling of data where the participant takes the center stage.

DataFund ICO Project

The DataFund project aims at connecting the original individual data provider with the data exchange market place where the owner gets to earn from the amount of data shared. This affords the data owner all the freedom thy need to own, store and share their data and this is the beginning of data democratization process.

The platform is creating a unique economy where users can outsource specific date and pay a set fee in return and this will help the platform become sustainable since transactions will be based on the DataFund native token. 

The popularity of decentralized data riding on blockchain powered outfits is on the rise and the entry of DataFund into the market will make it highly competitive and spur the unique economy. Data funds are becoming very popular and data stored and secured on blockchain appears more authentic and safe to use.

According to the DataFund whitepaper, the platform promises an environment that resistant to censorship and is protected against DDoS attacks. The application is highly resistant to faults and as the user, can access your data anytime, anywhere since you are guaranteed zero downtime and its self-sustaining aspect will ensure the DEX token grows in value into the future.

DataFund ICO Project Snapshot

Project name: DataFund ICO

Token name: DataFund

Token ticker: DEX

ICO price: 0.01000 USD

Base platform: Ethereum

DataFund project Team

The team behind the project is led by Mihael Modic and the team appears focused on delivering a system that revolutionizes the data ownership concept and giving the data own a say in the data exchange marketplace. This will transform the digital world and empowering the data owner through monetization.

This is an open source platform and is open to adoption from those complying with GDPR. The token price has been meticulously set to entice mass adoption and this will see more users get their data secured and ready for the marketplace.

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