@jamie-smith excellent video but I have a couple of recommendations:

(a) Please add at least 2 paragraphs (or at VERY LEAST add 3 sentences which are separated from each other by blank lines). A video by itself doesn't effectively entice people to make the decision to watch your video (remember TIME IS MONEY! and people aren't likely to use their time to watch a video unless you give them a reason to do so). So please provide description in your Steemit posts regarding your videos to let us know what we will be watching and WHY WE SHOULD watch the video.

(b) Please make use of five (5) post tags. It appears that in this post you've only used one (1) tag (i.e., dating-hotwomen). Please make use of adding four (4) more tags. Examples include "life" and "self-help" but get creative and make tags which you feel are appropriate. Also be careful that you don't abuse the tagging system (not saying that you have or that you would) by adding tags which don't have anything to do with your video.

Remember that you can edit your posts and tags for up to seven days after you originally made the post.