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RE: Whats your thought on building a dating dapp on steem?

in #dating10 months ago

I’ve seen a few people asking the same question a simple google on steem will show you! I know sometimes tried to start steemdr but didn’t get very far!

I do think a dating app in general on steem would work especially with private and encrypted messaging coming soon with openseed! I don’t see why it also cannot be done using the steem engine side chain with custom Json

It will surly bring in new users which is what we all want!


Ohh thanks for the comment. Do you have the link for that steemdr? can't find any info regarding it. Sometimes google won't really help here. By communities' reply i'll get my answer much faster. Yeah most of the people just give up when things get too hard or not making profit. I'm here to try to learn more and experimenting more. I hope this will further lure tron users to come to our blockchain. well I don't think this is a good use case for custom json. As everything will be displayed on blockchain.

Here’s a link to their account -

Last post was 10 months ago I think it’s silly to give up jusy because it’s a bear market this is when you’d should be building because you will stand out and nautically have a better footing once things get better and prices pump higher

well easier said then done. Even king of dev like utopian-io empire fell to the fall of price. You need price of token to keep things going and get paid. Right now it's really a wishful thinking that price might goes up further more. But really who knows what Justin Sun will do actually. I don't think that steemder is actually building anything... Most likely a scam

Well that’s financially irresponsible to think you’re going to live on token funds you either need or be bootstrapped before going into it or have backing prior

I think that savvy product owners can make it work in almost any climate of there is demand for what they produce

And man since you're here. Can you check out my website? and give your thoughts bout it.