A Rainy day.

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UbY64M_bojropat.jpg If it so happens that it rains all day long, we call it a rainy day. In such a day, the sky remains cloudy. The sun is not seen at all. The day looks dull and gloom. Sometimes it rains heavily and sometimes it drizzles. Often there are flashes of lightning and roars of thunder in the sky. Birds are hardly seen to fly. They keep standing on the branches of trees. Cattle keep standing on their sheds. Woman-holding-an-umbrella-in-the-rain-567126.jpg In such a day, people have to remain indoors. The roads become almost muddy and desolate. One cannot move from one place to another easily. One does not generally come out without compulsion The poor suffer much. They cannot go out to earn their daily bread. dad-holds-umbrella-today-tease-1-150914_787a932e0b59a53eb03e290710e7ffd2.jpg It is a great joy to the students. Because classes are not held that day. some people then spend time in gossiping, playing at cards, singing or hearing songs. After all, rainy day give us both joy and sorrow. It comes to different classes of people in different ways.


It is very important post. Rain gives us many benefits. Likewise, we have a lot of harm.

yes, right. There is a lot of good quality in addition to all the good quality, along with rain and our benefits as well as many harm

Of course, what can we do tell you what the rain causes us to do.

right comment

of course, thanks for the reply.

Thank you for repeat my comment