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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

in #dblog11 months ago

Please keep posting and stay on Steem. I enjoy looking at your daily posts. There aren't many English blogs sharing great photos of Korea.

I don't think you should vote for random. You should vote for blogs and posts you like or follow voting trails of people you trust and respect. It is your right and opinion.

If you don't want to get downvoted, it is important to discuss details with the people downvoting you, since it is their right and opinion, too. I guess they will stop if you have an understanding together.

I don't think you should power down. Try changing your voting style to see if you are happy with the results. The price of Steem is too low right now.

I think if everyone has a discussion, the community and atmosphere will improve. When SMTs arrive we will all be ready.


I agree with your opinion

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