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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

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Please continue your blogs @slowwalker, and even self-vote as you don't post that often. It's just the vote-trading to a large degree that many disagree with and it needs to go down. If we can get the average rewards even of the most popular people on Steem to some regular levels that look reasonable to outsiders Steem will still be one of the best platforms around compared to the peanuts people make on Medium and that other one I keep forgetting the name of where you can tip posts in different crypto.

Anyway, I love to hear that you will focus on curating smaller users, thank you for that! Distribution is important, there are coins like Stellar where they give away most of their supply and they still do well in marketcap. Steem is a different beast but we can only win if we stop focusing on our STEEM ROI but instead figure out how to increase the STEEM value.


vlemon answer to your lobby group

No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?

Instead of just commenting garbage at least have the decency to post a link to my upvotes so others can see without taking your useless words for granted:

Yes, 11% of my votes go to curators of OCD, especially since dumbasses like you have been retaliating on them due to OCDB downvotes and they are now barely making any rewards without my vote considering they are over 15 curators sharing the post rewards.

But please go on manipulating the comment order in this post with your 100% upvotes and downvotes as if readers are as braindead as you are not to see through it.

How much money the same people give you is exactly what you're supposedly fighting. How many different profiles you have, how many users are held in the same voting circle. Stop writing posts and have your lobby group support new users.
Now you are doing Power Down, surely it is a new tactic for you to be voted the same group of people as a successful blogger. As much money goes to you through various projects and votes, you honestly need to support the small users because all this is just your game.

These are the rewards I'm getting in 1 week from posting at least once daily, do you think they are too high for someone that hasn't just been vote-trading garbage in the past 2 years or only focused on their own blogs on Steem? For what it's worth I haven't asked for any of those upvotes or made vote-trading plans with them like you seem to be doing. Now I kindly have to ask you to stop replying to me and spamming this thread up as I don't have another second to waste to your useless existence.

So your an admitted circle jerker????

I agree with vlemon explanation

lol I just realized you're spamming that to everyone, I was thinking your english was just that broken that it was targeted at me, what the fuck are you doing?

Are you now censoring against non English speaking
This steemit is becoming more unfriendly by the minute because of members like you.
English is my second language. I am from Asia.
Do I have permission to continue to post on steemit.
My English not good heree.

There is no censorship on Steem, please get that through your thick skulls. Is that now a new thread you're all trying to pull cause I told dobartim that I can barely can understand him? Damn you must be running out of things to defend your awful activity with :(

For a moment, I thought that was @joshman's voting pattern. Then, I realized that he's full of crap.

It's a statistic done by vlemon, I want people to see the truth from the person who wrote it, that's why I'm posting his comment and it's not spam - you are bothered by those facts.

Facts provided by vlemon are really showing the real picture for all to see.
Thank you @vlemon

That is definitely spam and I couldn't give a shit what any of your circlejerking friends have to say about me, I sleep better than a baby at night considering my activity here on Steem while you're the one crying about downvotes, retaliating on minnows and shouting out censorship like a complete fucking moron. Now please fuck off, I asked you nicely once.

These words tell you who you are and what you are as a human being. The truth will always win and everything will come into its place.

Keep those ugly words to yourself, because you will eat them soon. The truth always wins and people are not stupid.

If you're people then some people sure fucking are. I don't usually use words like that to randoms but I know way too much about the kind of person you are, it shows even better considering your activity on steem than any words I could ever say. Now I'm going to mute you, call that censorship or whatever you do in your crazy world.

Now go upvote that beautiful poem of yours

make one poetry

Are you surprised? I hardly agree with you @acidyo but here you have my total support!

As xpilar said in his comment. What is wrong if people have broken english like @slowwalker
You may wish good for steemit but your timing is off. Do you even read comment section related to @slowwalker english as our cool member from asia. He is using google translations, at least give him and other non english members,some respect for trying to use "broken" english so others can understand well their posts.
You try to be important here at least act like one.

I don't try to do shit, I do things and some may like it and some won't and I can't give two more shits about what you or your brother have to say and it's not my fault I can't understand half the shit you try to say since you're saying so fucking much trying to defend your shitshow.

Please just read comments related to broken english members like @slowwalker indicated in comments above. People are watching this.
Why are you using street level language here

I read your comment , I think you are trying to make steemit better platform . There ate good smart bloggers around. Just open your horizons.

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