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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

in #dblog11 months ago

Dear Slowwalker, first of all I would like to thank you for supporting me and the steemians who is supporting steemit continually just to keep blogging and commenting! We want to support steemit always, money or no money, we will enjoy the posting, sharing to steemians whatever we can. You are a ‘Great Supporter to Steemit’, you have a big heart for the cause and for the follower and supporters of steemit. Please don’t mind this people who come to steemit who are ‘greedy’, and want only to enrich themselves! They want to destroy steemit, who knows maybe they are supporting another coin and wants to enrich themselves here in steemit and discourage steemians from supporting steemit, and I call the group headed by ‘azircon, nemo435 (his other name), ‘Chronic Envious Personalities’, they couldnt be creative enough, that’s why they want to slowdown the ‘Best Steemian like yourself’ and the rest of the Creative Bloggers in Steemit! I will always be there to enjoy your blogs which is educational to all! I will always support creative bloggers and steemit! All the best Slowwalker!

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