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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

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@slowwalker. This is really good to hear that you are considering new ways. You are trying to break from your circle that you created over multiple years. Admission is hard; rest is easy.

I enjoyed your writing over the years but never liked the vote trading. So even though I liked your content, I nominated you for downvoting. I am glad I don’t have to do that any more. Hopefully.

I have substantial stake in steem now. And I plan on increasing my stake substantially if people in the platform are creative and understand decentralized governance. Because without governance we have no hope. If people like you change your ways, vote for small users, follow a curation trail, not only you will help the steem blockchain but will earn a good 7-8% passive income for your stake. If anyone wants more that’s greed.

Now if some of your followers like @dobartim @broncnutz @oldstone (which is you) @vlemon @kingscrown etc follow your footsteps; we will move collectively in the right direction. I can easily bring in more investment (real ones; not the puny things which we call stakes here) which will help with creativity and innovation.

Let’s hope 2020 will be good to us!! Cheers!!

Apologies for upvote but this @flysky is a pest ;)


I hope you take time and read @slowwalker question.

Trailing downvote lobby nullifies @slowwalker posts and you taking credit and you are proud that another whale post is destroyed??

Does steemit community allows him to continue blogging?
I do.
Do you?

Had to vote for this since this member silenced it by massive downvote again.

Is it simply bad because a "whale post is destroyed" or "just a post"? Are you considering content of a whale more important versus content of someone that is writing an in-depth post by heart investing e.g. 3 hours and to land at 30 cents - someone that might be new here and not a whale? Someone that might add much more quality but simply has not the connections to whales?

so is it more important to protect people that are whales vs onboarding new talents that create absolutely fantastic content? Tell me!

Do posts from like this has a value of $ 10 each? Many of these posts are supported instead of quality posts from new users and there is a psychological inconsistency.

We all want Steem to grow, the number of users to increase, but when downvotes are used by a group of people who vote for the same people or the same people vote for them, then the number of users cannot increase.
So the whole support system is unrealistic, the point is to create a new model and rules that will be a combination of business and social network.

Instead of increasing website traffic now, traffic is dropping. New users see empty posts, see that many quality posts have no reward, and then quit writing.

Steem production should be stopped instead of downvote. It is better to introduce a rule as a software solution that you can vote once a day for yourself or 10% in total, that you can give the same people 100% once a week, etc.

I wrote a lot of posts about it but I got downvotes, everyone repeats only downvotes as an ideal solution and we all sink with it. He gets some downvotes and then he get an offer to give them Steem Power, so that's a really appropriate proposal.

When small users are so protected when they are so important, why no one ever asks them what they suggest is good for all of us. We need to be consistent with our words, leaders always show with their personal example and I do not see honest leadership or real and good solutions in the team that presents itself for the main characters.

Ugly words and attacks will not do any good to anyone, so only we can together make this place an oasis for all users, bloggers, investors.

It is important for us to understand that no one wants to lose money, everyone wants it to grow, but it is not fair that the main players look for excuses by convincing others that someone is bad and the same people are doing much worse things.

xD maybe if you clicked and saw what's on those posts maybe you would know do they deserve that much :D But, that's too much for you, I get it. Your funny attacks are nothing but funny ;)

Thank you for mentioning me my dear, what voting pattern do I have with slowwalker?
I am thinking of leaving anyway, this has been ridiculous, I could t upvote people publishing once of day of which I liked their content.
Do I earn a lot of rewards ? Nope but still you would like to target me.
All the best dear KGB.

This is a shame what they do

Your pattern is a case for its own. Over 75% of your voting goes towards 6 people, including yourself. You're not doing anything to support the bigger community, so feel free to leave, you won't be missed.


No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?


Now it makes sense.
Vlemon i agree with you.
I would be ashamed to be part this kind of witness. They only support each other to gain rewards mainly for their circle.
@slowwalker was in their way. Look now where his posts are. They are getting destroyed and nullified by same downvote and censorship lobby.

My upvotes are automated to counter retaliation downvotes, and if those aren't enough I follow curangel (where the major part of my stake is delegated to - it would be everything if I wouldn't need to counter those). So it's up to those retaliating who I vote for. Its also not adding anything to the rewards of these posts.

You can like jrcornel posts without giving him more rewards than 10 other people combined.
I personally consider one self vote a day, 10%, as acceptable. If you change your voting pattern as significantly as you say, i will take care that you won't get any more curangel downvotes. 25-30% for yourself and your friends is the line I draw when figuring if I deny a downvote or not.


I am from Asia too. Are you destroying my posts as well. how can you be proud to destroy @slowwalker posts. That is not right.This is censorship supported by you @azircon
Beware of this member @azircon he might be working for another crypto platform . this should be verified by @steemit owners . He destroyed my posts. He follows big downvote lobby group and destroys best bloggers in steemit because of his non creative and jealously towards good bloggers. He doesn’t even have posts he just follows around and destroy creative bloggers.

You can see link below



This is so funny, you put yourself in the role of the Gods. You ruin the whole Steem because you are the first to vote for the same people, there is no democracy here.

If you dont like @slowwalker post just mute it, dont censor it with your downvote abusive lobby.
Option mute is available.

Do you work for this platform ?
Why to censor this good blogger @slowwalker and zeroed his posts. It doesn't make sense.
What happened here in last two years. Is this steemit we all joined long long time ago.

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