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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

in #dbloglast year

vlemon answer to your lobby group

No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?


I'm his friend and I'm not even on the fucking list.

Your argument is invalid.

Edit: Just realized that isn't even @joshman's voting pattern. Gosh, wtf is this?

I guess we should all now vote only for you.

What's wrong? Can't stand that your friend is WRONG?

Wow, just wow. I wasn't even paying attention to that.

If you use these words in communication then you do not deserve to be a part of comments and blogs at all because we need professionals and cultural people.

I value this comment

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