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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

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It's a shame this had to come to this. I hope those flaggers are happy to lose a whale investor like yourself, I suppose you'll be selling your STEEM, let's see how happy they'll be when the price goes down because of it. Last thing we need is whales quitting.


It's a marginal consequence to the overall effect: the price goes down but someone is buying that Steem either way. This "investor" still refers to Steem as Steemit, talk about disregard for the basics, plus they think they are censored.. on here.

Lol. You were fast to call out flaggers but arent so quick to point out how nonsensical and dumb this post is.

He doesnt care about money yet minds a few a flags he gets because he trades votes.
He says he wants to continue posting as if someone is stopping him from doing so.

Instead of just stopping circle jerking he does a hissy fit that makes no sense.

But the flaggers suck thought, right?

The same lobby group do the same and worst things with votes. The same people vote for.the same people, this is totaly against the truth and logic.

If they vote for the same people then they are just as bad as you guys. It doesnt make you right though.

When you invite your child to be a part of Steemit, your wife, brother and family to invest money, then it is normal to support them. There is no logic in voting random for new users unless there are such rules that whales do not post, that voting is restricted - that you can vote the same person once a week, etc.

The very logic of the social network is disturbed because this is a combination of business and social network. But when someone propagates something new and does not do it themselves, or says that it is the only good option to give downvote then it is not good for any user.

We need to find the right and better solutions, everything else is a struggle for power and this is what is discussed here in the post.

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