Journey from womb to tomb

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Journey from Womb to Tomb

From our Mothers womb we were been formed, and destiny starts immediately after been borned

But after been borned into this world

What are the steps you took

Some took the step that lead them to the tomb so early

Why some took the steps that made them worthless
Ask yourself ...
What step did I take??
journey from the womb to the tomb

Everybody have been predestined to have a journey from the womb to the tomb, but, does your behaviour allows you to enjoy this journey??

Our behavior have a big role to play in this journey, because behavior makes the constituent of a great man, you can't expect a student that doesn't read to pass

What's your behaviour towards your journey

Are you a drunkard
Are you a prostitute
A you a tyrant

Whatever it may be, its not too late, there is season for change because you are not yet in the tomb

You are still living, there is hope, change and build your bridge

There should be no reason why you should have a bad journey from the womb to the tomb because there a lot of opportunities on the way

What you need is to grab it

Do you think you are heavy laden
Remember you are better than those in the tomb, in the tomb potentials are silent

The potentials in you are not worth dying

Do you think there is no person to fund you
Think about yourself as an orphan
Grab opportunities and live

Are you scared of the word NO??
Have you ever thought about it giving you The Next OPPORTUNITY

Are you sad because they called you a goat??

Have you ever thought about The Greatest Of All Time??

Cheer up yourself
Motivate yourself and believe in your struggle...the journey is still on

Its never too late


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