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RE: At Jijangeon Hall of Yeongwhasa Temple

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I am surprised that your post below gets downvoted to 16 $
I am against negative lobby downvote abusive use of their SP
I am very sorry that downvoting is being used to nullify your post . Most unusual trend is that in your vote i can see that you vote for same lobby who downvote you and all your followers.
I can see in some comments around steemit where they mentioned @slowwalker that they want to nullify your post value . I am not sure that is good way to welcome new steemit members.
I think this is becoming not decentralized platform.
Voted for your post.
I hope downvote abuse lobby will make steemit owners to change policy to apply same rules to all the same way.


Thank you for your words and vote
In my opinion, the rewards must not be a goal for doing steemit.
It must be a tool for creating more value.
I am doing my job for creating content that I'd like to produce.
In this circumstance, downvote is not so important for me.
What the important is whether I can use this steemit tool for my job or not.

Than we share the same values
Only point is that at some point downvoting or nullify intentions of others can stop someone to even perform job of creating content that one would like to produce. It is a positive steemit quality bloggers journey and learning process I am supportive if that is initiative. Balance is everything.
Thank you for wonderful quality content.
I agree reward is not goal. It should be tool of creating more value. Definition of value is of many points of view. I respect your point of view.

I am starting a discord for people here like you and i (vote traders) and i have been on the phone and in contact with others who want to combat this down voting trail by curangel and his trail of flagers. I'll send you a link if interested. Please read my last post (just the comments section) to see what me and others are doing to get this business to stop or at least become more fair or defined. I LOVE your content and that's the reason i vote you. I think ALL content is valuable here at this point. By the way...I have several Korean Friends, love Korean culture and food. I even know how to count and write my name in Korean. This is the reason i watch your posts, keep up the good work.

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