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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

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One more whale is pulling out investments from steemit. Bravo downvote lobby.
Steemit is bottoming on alexa ranking, more people like this are being discouraged. More people are reading this and specially our members from Asia.
If they confirm this as censorship on bloggers freedom I will think on what side of steemit history you want to be.
This trailing downvotes together against one account like @slowwalker account in my opinion is massive abuse and spamming to his account. His account was attacked for weeks and months as bullying abuse of downvote.
I hope @slowwalker continues to be part of steemit community if downvote censorship lobby allows .
If you want change change software option of votes and just direct all rewards to few whales in power behind curtains.
If you support his choice to continue or not feel free to write your opinion
I support you @slowwalker to continue blogging


Maybe if you look at yourself first you would realize why people left Steem loooong before downvotes. Stop using your situation to create unreal panic.

You are getting downvoted for the reasons you really well know. Truth always find its way.

Posted using Partiko Android, you haven’t invested in steemit like others, @slowwalker, for example, invested his own funds and lost as he said in this post, and you remind me on a sewer rat creeping up the Parisian sewers, and still supporting the same ‘chronic envious lobby of azircon. That’s funny!

Your words have no meaning, literally.

I am here talking to your friend flysky and you come with the comment about slowwalker. da fuq xD

You abuse slowwalker and rest of good bloggers in steemit who comment here, about slowwalker, and all you talk about is YOURSELF and YOUR PERSONAL INTEREST! You only vote for people who vote for you. Are you supporting azircon and his negativity in steemit? This is not tweeter, this is steemit!

yes slowwalker is SOOOOOO abused by me now xD yeah, since I'm talking about myself only, I will stop and soon will write a post about you mmmm as you wish :)

You vote for yourself every single post over and over again

tells a lady who votes her every comment. Any mirrors around here?

Trailing downvote lobby nullifies @slowwalker and you taking credit and you are proud that another whale post is destroyed?? I have no words. truth is that steemit lost one big investor today who is downvoting due massive downvote abuse and trail bullying against his posts.
Solutions are beyond downvotes.
Lets work on them together as steemit community and as real non censorship decentralized platform.
Steem on
I am giving respect and support to @slowwalker free decision to continue blogging

As I said before, look at the mirror first.

I didn't say I am taking credit. I never downvoted slowwalker. Stop twisting my words just to change the topic.

It will not hide that you are spammer

This blog is about @slowwalker
Dont spam his post with your personal agenda
Against him. Write to him directly if you have something to say. Time to grow up here.
One more big whale is downvoting his steem power .
And you are proud that his post is nullified destroyed because of downvoting lobby abuse.
We are here to express support or not to his
Opinion and decision.
I support @slowwalker to continue blogging

This is a reply on your comment. I thought you understand this...

Are you even reading my replies or you are just attacking without arguments hoping that we are all kids and stupid and that we will believe what you say????

Now I understand why you are tagged as a spammer here.

Posted using Partiko Android

I hope you will at least respect @slowwalker posts if you have no respect for free decentralized platform

You are like a broken record. Enjoy your own world.

Posted using Partiko Android

I hope you support Steemit, not just one small downvote lobby members who vote for you over and over for one picture post.

I hope you support free decentralized steemit. But not like this.

I hope you support free decentralized steemit. One whale post is nullified because of your support of this downvote abuse you really are whacked, your name perfectly fits you! You are brilliant in moronic stuffs!

Downvoting; because you are a registered spammer @flysky.

You know what; on second thought; I will wait 24 hours to let people see your incoherent comment and then I will downvote your comment :)

Did you even read this post.

Trailing downvote lobby nullifies @slowwalker and you taking credit and you are proud that another whale post is destroyed??
I support @slowwalker decision to continue blogging

azircon, you are so envious and destructive to steemit community, because of people like you, steemit will never grow! You are a hindrance to steemit’s success! You should be BLOCKLISTED coz of your downvotes to GOOD BLOGGERS, and bringing with you your trails of spineless friends who cannot decipher your bad motive to steemit.

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