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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

in #dblog11 months ago

Slowwalker...this is a shame. I have been following you since I first began here over 2 yeara ago. I am no judge of quality or politics....I just love posts about real life. I am sorry that you recieved such a negative response from a formerly supportive community. I respect what others do with their stake no matter what it is. I encourage you to not power down your stake. Instead of powering down would you consider delegating to other communities? I am sorry to bring this to your comments and it sounds like I am selling something. Many communities could benefit, including the community that my wife and I have founded here on Steem. It is called Innerblocks @innerblocks. It is focused on first hand experiential content, and people owning their experience and building themselves. We have a curation team of over 10 people to curate content around the world, and are developing a custom frontend to join with an SMT. There are more great communities besides ours, and I hope you would consider delegation over powering down. Be well

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