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RE: Younghwasa Temple in Acha mountain

in #dbloglast year

A continuation of your meditation on changes, @slowwalker.

In this case, the city boundaries of Seoul change over time and so much so that the choice of a fortified location becomes irrelevant as the city expands.

I think this is symbolized in the temple - they're usually located in a remote location on a mountain, but in this instance, the city has come to the mountain.

In a final irony, the temple precincts become a congested parking lot for cars.

They say time is the longest distance between two places but judging by Seoul's expansion over the years, the opposite seems true.

Have a good day, my friend.


As time went by, everything got complicated. Even temples became crowded with the noise of the city. Time changes everything. Thank you always, my friend. Have a nice day!

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